With the first day of spring just around the corner, I decided that my mid March make-up routine just hadto have a little dew and colour injected into it, and after a little time spent shaking up my make-up bag I came to the perfect result.

The Dr Jart 'BB cream' has been sitting in my make-up drawers unloved for a little while now and whilst I am often more of 'full coverage' gal, I love the glowing complexion that this sheer BB cream offers and the ease of application. (I just use the warmth of my fingers rather than buffing with a brush) 

To add to the 'lit from within' glow that I currently have going on, an obvious choice just had to be 'Soft and Gentle' mineralise skin finish by Mac. I apply the powder to the tops of my cheek bones using an angled brush to amplify the natural curve of my face. A beauty must have if you're a highlighter fan. 

'Rubenesque' paint pot was my first dabble with Mac cream bases, the pearl - orange shade an eye popping pairing for lighter eyes. The sheer formula looks refreshing on the eye when used alone but can be used also as a base to accentuate other eyeshadows. I have been opting for the former with a few coats of 'They're Real' by Benefit to bulk up my lashes against the colour burst from Rubenesque.

No spring time make-up bag would be complete without one of my favourite lipsticks 'Brighton Rock' by Topshop. Not only does the name of the shade remind me of a carefree summers day on Brighton Beach but it also the perfect compliment to the subtle peachy colour of the Mac paint pot. 

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