I know you know my little fake tanning secret of how orange I looked somewhere between the ages of 16 and 17. You know this because back when GGMH was born, I looked like this. But forgive me, I have changed my ways.

After an 18 month hiatus from the tanning mitten, in the last year I have really enjoyed experimenting with different fake tanning products. I always feel more confident when I have a nice layer of tan on (evenly applied I might add) and when people like the postman asks me if i've been away, I feel secretly rather accomplished.

I prep my skin every three days by exfoliating in the shower with both an exfoliator and an exfoliating mitten. Once my skin has been scrubbed of any dead skin and old, patchy tan I use one of my favourite Victoria's Secret moisturisers to soften my skin.

The next evening I will go in with my current favourite tan the Dark Lotion by St Moriz. I find that no other tan works quite as effectively at providing a deep, lasting and non drying colour. The developing formula is quite dirty looking so I would advise you to leave it on over night and rinse in the morning.

To apply my fake tan, I use a mitten from the Malibu tanning range. I have had hundreds of the foam mittens but have always managed to split them with my nails, the Malibu mitten is like a glove that is sealed all the way around the arm socket and provides an even tan application.

I usually apply two layers of tan on a Sunday and one layer the following Wednesday to keep my bronzed glow going.

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