Since rejoining the blonde bus a few weeks ago, I have been upping my fake tan game to accompany my strawberry blonde locks. It would appear that Sunkissed tan have done it again and provided tanning mavens like myself with the holy grail of fake tan.  

I have talked about the Sunkissed brand since joining the blogging community back in 2010, and somewhere in the deep, depths of my Youtube back catalogue there is a review of their 'Sunlight bronzer' mousse circa 2011, red hair and nose stud.

Sunkisseds latest offering is the '60 minute, rapid tan'* a thick mousse formula that can be rinsed off an hour after application to reveal a beautiful tan. 

After prepping my skin properly, the night before, I applied two thin layers of the medium variant. The scent of this tan is GORGEOUS, it's a scorching hot summer holiday in a bottle, think coconut, think pina colarda. I left the product to develop on my skin and within minutes the colour was changing to a deep, golden brown tan. I was streak free, biscuit odour free and without that 'dirty' look that you can rock when applying fake tan. 

After an hour, I showered off the base colour which had left my skin looking pretty beautiful glowing golden brown and non patchy. A few days later I left the base tan on all night as I would any other fake tan and the colour was just the same. 

As a long time, loyal user of the Sunkissed brand, I think that they are real market contenders with high end self tan such as Zen Tan and celebrity endorsed 'Lauren's Way' but without the hefty price tag. The Sunkissed tanning ranges in price between £2.99 and £4.99 for this particular tanning product. 

I think that the '60 minute Rapid Tan' is perfect for any occasion where you want tanned skin fast if like myself you find yourself getting ready for an impromptu night out or you have an occasion coming up with little time to get ready.

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