THE WEEK #10 2015

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This week saw me marry my Macbook in a relationship that has caused us to be in-separable. I took on some freelance work which has led to some interesting learning curves but also waves of frustration as I worked tirelessly to source, list and organise a creative workshop day. I'm hoping that next week the I's can be dotted and the t's crossed to wrap it all up and provide a brilliant event.

Aside from my freelance project, the perils of third year university work, creating cool content for the student union magazine 'The Supdate' and working on GGMH I did manage to squeeze a whistle stop visit to London in, which if you have read this post  you will have already seen the strawberry blonde bob that I have been rocking since Tuesday. The fabulous creative team at George Northwood worked miracles to re-style my over processed hair and I absolutely love the result. It's so low maintenance and looks better the more unruly it gets. After my visit to the hairdressing hotseat seat, I had a little wander over to my favourite spot ever, you could even call it my 'happy place.' I love standing on Waterloo bridge and switching views between east london, the city and canary wharf and old Westminister, Big Ben and the houses of parliament. At nighttime this view is especially epic, the rush of the city crossing bridge after bridges and the luminous lights twinkling as the city buzzes. 

Yesterday was spent with my Macbook furiously thrashing out more work as i'm the kind of person who can't ignore emails or focus when there's work to be done. I'm very lucky to be with someone who can tolerate that as I have been in one relationship only this week and that's been with my work. The chap and I did manage to salvage Saturday evening with a few drinks on Lark Lane..There's no stress that a g+t can't bust!

Today we are heading to Wales as I have never been and Elliot promises me it's the tonic I need after 6 days of staring at a screen. Getting out of the city and plenty of fresh air is what i'm looking forward to mostly before another week of hard graft and hopefully some positive results. 

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