THE WEEK # 12 2015

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Monday kicked off in Wakefield with a visit to my Grandparents' where I was treated to sausage, egg, chips and beans. It was lovely to catch up however, my Grandad had been quite poorly with stroke related health problems which is never nice to see. I really struggle with the emotional turmoil of seeing a family member who was once strong and full of life to existing severely impaired. We tried to make the best of it and I value every moment spent with the both of them.

After travelling back to Liverpool, Tuesday was my final news-day on the LJMU Journalism course...I have to say that whilst I enjoyed the fast paced nature of the game I will be glad to not be chasing stories and leads every week and can instead focus my efforts on my final project, which is will be a 12 page magazine focused on all things beauty of course.

This week I also watched 'The soul boys of the Western world' music documentary which is centred around Spandau Ballet's rise to become one of the most successful British new romantic bands in the world. I love music documentaries for their insight into the different trends and social movements of different eras but this one is especially good as it features extended mixes of Spandau hits such as 'The Freeze' and 'To cut a long story short.' The documentary inspired me to create a new romantic/new wave playlist as part of my 'GGMH Plays' playlists...If you fancy heading back to the early 80s you can transport yourself by clicking here.

With one PR assessment ticked off my list on Thursday, this weekend has been spent beavering away on my magazine and tucking into scrumptious home-made cottage pie made by Elliot, of course I allowed myself a little time off to watch The Voice as the live shows are my favourite part.

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