THE WEEK #9 2015

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After the horrors of last week, the final week of February was much calmer and involved at lot of focus and determination. On Monday I found myself in an interview for what could be described as a big girls job for the future, I was terrified but I am hopeful it went well - the experience in itself was an interesting one as I had to really prove my skills and knowledge in every answer. 

The rest of the week has been spent getting my head down and focusing on my final year work whilst topping up my 'independent woman' levels for whatever else flies my way.

After a heavy dissertation session (#thirdyearproblems) the chap and I found ourselves watching the 'Spice World' movie after reminicing on that iconic 1998 Brits performance. I'd forgotten how awesome the Union Jack bus was and how rough around the edges the girls were. I find it even more mind blowing that in the film Victoria Beckham was the same age as me and is now 40 years old!

Looking towards the week ahead, I have my last ever website news day tomorrow which involves pitching stories to be published on the JMU Journalism website. The process is both nerve wracking and kinda stressful as the standard is high and the pressure is on.

 I am also headed back down to the smoke on Tuesday for an appointment with George Northwood - I'm hoping his fabulous team can sort my hair out from drab to dreamy.

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