I'm starting to worry that time is whizzing past me so quickly that one day i'll wake up and i'm 30. Here we find ourselves again at the end of another month and heading deep into the Spring/ early Summer season. In April I used a lot of new products and found myself having a Spring clean in my make-up drawers, giving some old tatty products the boot and making room for new favourites.

The Base: I have been playing around with a fair few primers this month, some of which you can read about HERE however, I found myself unscrewing the lid off the Clarins 'Beauty Flash Balm' an old base favourite of mine and was re-impressed with its ability to smoothen my skin, even our imperfections and give my foundation a strong base to merge with which results in my make-up lasting longer. 

The Skin: I know, I know i'm going on about these make-up wipes again however there is no way I couldn't not include them in my monthly favourites as they have been so useful and have reignited my love for make-up wipes. They are cheap, super moisturising, do the job very efficiently and perfect for throwing in your bag for post night out when all you want is your bed.

The Eyes: Possibly one of the best mascara's that I have tried in a long time, the 'Wondercurl' by Lacura beauty (available at Aldi) has a curved, precise wand that digs deep into the root of the lashes, lengthening and volumising as it goes. No clumps and matted lashes to be seen here, the formula is light and easy to apply without causing any irritation to the eyes.

The Lips: After fighting it for so long, I succumbed to the 90's lip trend instigated by Kylie Jenner. I am loving matte, brown lips a'la Cindy Crawford and I rock this by lining my lips with 'Cappuccino' lip definer by Collection and cult 1990's lippy 'Coffee Shimmer' by Rimmel.

The Foundation: Still one of greatest foundations I have tried, the Almay 'Smart Shade' foundation. The formula is smooth, moisturising and so clever at adapting to my skin tone whether that be natural or with the application of fake tan.



I love playing around and changing up my everyday eye make-up, it is one of the areas of make-up where I am confident in being creative with colour and products. This month I have been opting for a more matte eye make-up to compliment my current favourite 90's lip combo.

I start my eye make-up by sweeping the almond shade 'Naked' all over my lids. As you can see by looking at my UDNP it's not one of my most well used shades and I have really enjoyed using it. Similarly I have been using the deeper, more chocolate shade 'Buck' through the socket line and blending into the outer corners of my eye lids. These shades are brilliant at being layered to deepen the pigment or used lightly as a lid wash. I have been using my Eco Tools pencil brush to apply 'Hustle' a heathery-brown shade to the underneath of my lower lash line to make my eyes more defined.

I am still loving the fluidity of using a soft, kohl pencil in both the tight line and water line as it gives my eyes a smokier look and helps to set off the brown shades around my blue eyes. I finish with a little lash building with my Jica Lash extensions and a lashing of the Physicians Formula 'Fake out mascara.' 


THE WEEK #17 2015

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This week was a turning point in my life where everything I  know has been thrown upside down and i'm left to sort it out. On Monday I very sadly witnessed a horrific road accident whereby a lady lost her life, I wish I hadn't seen it as it is really stuck in my mind now and i'm not sure how I can get rid of it. I feel so much sadness for the lady who was somebody's daughter and potentially somebody's mother and I feel anger with myself for being at the wrong place and the wrong time.

By Wednesday my Macbook which had been on the blink for a week or so gave up the ghost and blessed me with 'The white screen of death.' I've had it for over four years and it was an 18th birthday present from my Grandpa (otherwise known as Papa to me) - I'm really gutted that a piece of technology donned one of the best in the world could just stop working. The only appointment that the Apple store in Liverpool One could give me to have it looked at was next week however, I can't see the outcome looking very promising. 

And then the straw that broke the camels back - I learned that my boyfriend had been offered a job very far away from where we live now. I'm so proud of him and  I am one of his biggest supporters, encouraging his talents all throughout the process and however selfish this sounds, I can't help but feel so much sadness that another long distance relationship is in the pipeline. I found myself in one when I started university and it broke me, not only financially but mentally too it was one of the worst experiences and i'm absolutely gutted that the choices are the epic strains of another LDR for at least 2 years or a break up. It's rough. 

I've felt really quite horrendous this week and I feel like i'm taking the weight of the world on my shoulders. The prospect of another LDR, my Grandad being taken ill, my Macbook breaking and seeing somebody lose their life mixed with the fears of starting a new job soon and my friends moving away have just made the future seem really fragile. I'm heading back to my hometown next weekend and i'm hoping it's the tonic that I need to sort my brain out and make a new plan. Life amazes me how one week you can be sat in the sunshine without a care in the world and the next that world blows apart.



I know you're all screaming at your screens having seen a pack of facial wipes sitting largely in front of you and for this, I apologise however  I just have to tell you about them as they're so darn good.I threw this basic skincare ensemble into my rucksack on an impromptu night away. I had so little time (read: 4 mins approx) to pack before running to the station to catch a train to Manchester. 

I have a very stringent skincare routine when i'm at home surrounded by my beauty goodies and have the time to cleanse, tone and moisturise however, after being on the go and then rocking up at 2am, bare footed and a little worse for wear, sleep took presidence over my skincare routine.

These facial cleansing wipes* are from Aldi's new beauty range 'Lacura' and are one of the best quick, cleansing cloths that I have used. The formula is scented like baby wipes and are large in surface area to ensure that every little pieces of your face is refreshed and make-up free. I have the mature skin variant which helps with my dry skin as the 3 in 1 formula is not over drying. After removing the last of my smudged, eyeliner I splashed my face with water to remove the wipe residue. I know that this is the reason why so many beauty bloggers have an issue with wipes as they tend to leave a soapy residue on the skin. I remember back in the day, make-up wipes were all we had and I myself do still love them.

The 'Gentle Q10 moisturiser*' is also from the range and is a real beauty gem. The formula is super moisturising and non greasy which makes it the perfect cream to head to bed in. The product contains vitamins and almond oil to help repair dry skin and is non fragranced to help soothe sensitive skin.
I really recommend the Lacura beauty products as they are highly affordable and work really well as a budget skincare option. 



I really want to incorporate more style infused posts here on GGMH, as mixing up outfits and my style is something that I love to do. I've always been known to have quite an eclectic taste in clothes - opting for statement pieces and thrift shopping. I've never been afraid of colour: Note bright red Dr Martens and i've never followed the 'trend' so to speak. I'm a little bit awkward in front of the tripod, camera and self timer so I figured that this is the most comfortable option for snapping a few of my outfits throughout the week.

Up until recently I was really frivolous with my clothes, buying whatever, whenever however since hitting 21 I have started to pair back my wardrobe, invest in better pieces and keep my daily outfits quite simple in comparison to my choices a few years ago.

Outfit 1: This outfit was for a day when I needed to look fairly smart as I had a few meetings that day but wanted to keep 'me' flowing throughout. The high collared, swing blouse is from Primark (There's a better picture of it HERE) and it is paired with simple, black jeggings also from Primark. The cheetah print cardigan is one of the oldest pieces in my wardrobe, bought back in 2010 from Mango. 

Outfit 2: A denim shirt and LBD combo is one of my favourite and most frequent outfits to wear. My dress is from And other stories and the shirt is from Zara. The black, opaque tights are 40 denier from Primark and the rose gold locket is from Forever 21. I often pair my denim shirt with jeans and a plain white tee as it is such a casual piece that adds a little colour and lightness to any outfit.

Outfit 3: This outfit is a little throwback to the kind of style that I had when I was at sixth form college, mixing a lot of leopard print and clashing patterns. I am wearing my black jeggings from Primark again and wearing it with a plain black cami from Matalan and a black and white racer back top from Primark. On top of the whole ensemble I am wearing my leopard print cardigan from Mango again.

Outfit 4: On this occasion I was heading out for a bite to eat with friends. I'm wearing leather look leggings from River Island, a plain black cami from Topshop and a lace, cape from Primark which has tassels and drape sleeves. I pulled the whole outfit in with a skinny black and gold belt from River Island.



This months beauty bag is possibly one of my favourite combinations yet with lots of copper, brown and coffee colour palettes to play with. 

I have been using an old favourite and I must add, old faithful foundation, 'Lasting Perfection' by Collection is possibly the best foundation I have ever used and I find it hard to beat. I have talked about it a lot of over the years here on GGMH however, if you are looking for a medium to full build-able coverage formula with seriously lasting power than I highly recommend this foundation. 

To contour, I have been using another old favourite the Bourjois 'Delice de Poudre' aka 'The chocolate box bronzer.' The pigment of this bronzer has the perfect opaqueness to sculpt the cheekbones without too much of an orange pigment. I have been accentuating my cheeks with a pop of blusher also, a product that I am really hit or miss with. 'Glossy Rosewood' is an old school blush by Krylon for Glossybox and the dusky pink pigment constitutes the perfect springtime pinch of pink.

On my eyelids I have been using the 'On and On Bronze' colour tattoo by Maybelline. The lasting power of this product is seriously impressive. The cream, pigmented formula glides onto the eyelids beautifully and can be blended with other eyeshadows to create a seriously smokey eye.

I am still loving the look that brown liner achieves, especially against lighter eyes. The brown chocolate shade by Collection is made up of a gel based formula that blends beautifully on the upper and lower lash lines as well as sitting comfortably on the tight line and waterline. I finish off my eye make-up with a few lashings of my old favourite, Kate Moss - 'Rockin' Curves' mascara by Rimmel.  

To complete the look I apply a generous amount of the cult 90's lippy 'Coffee Shimmer' also by Rimmel. The formula is super moisturising and the chocolate brown, plum undertoned shade complements all skin tones.


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This week has held many trials and tribulations and at one point I felt like a broken woman. On Wednesday I had to pay a visit to the emergency dentist with a wisdom tooth related issue, I found myself paying the flat NHS rate of £18.80 for the dentist to merely prod my gum so hard that I shot up in the air and tell me that she wasn't going to be performing any treatment and that I needed some antibiotics...another £9 fee. I came away feeling cheated and angry how charging nearly £19 to give my gum a poke is justifiable i'll never know.

On Thursday I was still festering and took my frustration out in the form of cleaning my flat, mega blitz style and I have to say that I felt better for it afterwards. Tidy flat, tidy mind or so they say.

Yesterday I soaked up the sunshine that adorned Liverpool city centre, I managed to burn my nose...again and thoroughly enjoyed not answering work emails - it's been a testing week but that's a tale for another day.

Next week beckons more testing situations and I am hoping that everything runs as smoothly as possible as I am turning into that stress head, perhaps I can treat myself to a snazzy new lipstick (or two) to lift my mood.



I've watched the 90's make-up trend re-ignite over the past few months all thanks to a certain Jenner sister and her infamous Instagram's featuring overdrawn lips and matte brown eyelids.

I have always loved the 90's supermodel look and have often headed towards inspiration from Cindy Crawford for a muted, sophisticated make-up look.

After much deliberation I decided to jump on the band wagon myself and give brown lips a whirl. As somebody with fairly small lips, overdrawing them does look a little ridiculous on me therefore day to day I pair back the trend. 

I start by lining my lips with the Collection lip definer in 'Cappucino' a milk chocolate shade with a hint of red. I blend the colour into my lips before going in with the cult lipstick shade 'Coffee Shimmer' by Rimmel which I have been told was one of the shades of the 90's alongside the slightly more purple tones 'Heather Shimmer.' 'Coffee Shimmer' is a super moisturising, chocolate brown shade with a slightly frosted finish and a plum undertone. As part of the lasting finish line, the lippy stays put pretty much all day, especially with the help of the lip liner.

This lip look is simple and easy to wear day to day as well as being a good dupe for one of the hottest lip combo's of the teens? err 90's?



I remember sometime back in the 90s sat in a trolley drinking a 'Panda Pop' whilst my Mum pushed me around Aldi. After my parents stopped shopping there, I didn't hear much about the budget, German supermarket chain until I moved to uni and it became my student shop mecca.

I'm not going to be reviewing the Aldi 'like brands' crisps, cereal or baked beans today - instead I am going to introduce you to Aldi's new cosmetics line 'Lacura Beauty*'

I have to admit when I first heard that Aldi would be producing a cosmetics range I was sceptical and had images of bargain bin, chalky eye shadows, scratchy mascara or tangerine foundation however, I was very pleasantly surprised after trying a a few pieces from the line.

The 'CC' Cream: The colour correcting formula for light skin tones was the product that I was most sceptical about trying as I envisioned a watery consistency and way too much colour pigment. I couldn't be further from the truth. Instead Aldi are offering a medium density cream formula with just enough pigment to blend into my paler skin and amazing medium to build-able coverage. I have been wearing this CC cream as a foundation as the colour blend, coverage and longevity is just that good. It contains an SPF 15, conceals blemishes with Vitamin B5 and B3 and creates a flawless base for make-up.

The Brow pencil: The formula of this pencil is the perfect hard to soft ratio to achieve a strong, define and soft brow. The pencil isn't too scratchy or too clumpy, instead it glides through to brow and can be used softer to achieve small strokes. The pencil comes with a sharpener which is always a bonus as I am forever minimising my brow pencils to a stump and the 'Brunette' shade is a nice dark brown that isn't too warm or red in tone. The pencil barrel also includes a brush to keep your brows at bay before starting your routine.
Left 'Wondercurl' + Right 'Glamour Volume
If I were to choose one make-up item from my beauty bag to deem my 'favourite' - it would always be mascara. These two offerings from the Aldi cosmetics line don't disappoint. The 'Wondercurl' mascara is my favourite as the curved wand helps to dig the formula deep into the lash roots to achieve lengthy lashes with plenty of curl and separation. The 'Glamour volume' wand also achieves clump free, legnthy lashes but isn't as effective at applying the product into the depths of the lashes when used alone. These two mascara's work best when used together, beginning with the 'Wondercurl' and ending with a coat of the 'Glamour Volume.'

The Eyeliner: This eyeliner is awesome! The creamy formula achieves a super pigmented, controlled line that can be blended using the handy little sponge that comes on the end of the barrel. Inside the tightline and waterline the formula sits irritant free and comfortable. I really like how easy the formula is to work with, using the pencil sharpened to a point to achieve definition and blended out for a smokey look. 

Overall, I am super impressed with the 'Lacura Beauty' for Aldi cosmetics range and I am very interested in trying more products to see how they fit within the quality of the line that I have experience so far. If you're interested in some excellent bargainous beauty the line is available at Aldi on April 19th.



I haven't had a proper Primark spree in months, ever since my parents moved house and I had to give hundreds of garments away to charity as there was just no room to house them. This made me really sad because I love clothes and they always remind me of certain times, places and people in my life.

I wanted to have a nosey in Liverpool's giant Primark as I have been trying to build up a capsule wardrobe so that my more flamboyant pieces can stand out more. I bout two pairs of jeggings... I really like this style of jean/leggings as they are stretchy, figure flattering and easy to pair with absolutely anything from chunky knit jumpers to basic strappy tops. I bought one pair in navy blue and one in black for £6.40 each which for the quality is a bargain, I always like how basic they are without embellishment, zips and funky stitching. 

To go with the jeggings I bought a basic striped tee, which was inspired by the Parisian fashionistas of Pinterest and Instagram - whilst I don't have the endless legs and boyish figure to pull that look off I love how casual this outfit is and how easy it is is to dress up with accessories and a leather jacket or dress down with Converse and a denim shirt. 

The black, high collared blouse is my perfect kind of top, it flatters the thinest part of my body - my arms whilst keeping my teeny boobies and child bearing hips balanced out. The material is super lightweight and opaque enough to wear without a cami underneath. I like to wear this outfit with my black, Topshop ankle boots and a long, grey oversized blazer from Primark


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This week has been one of those back to front weeks where you're half in bank holiday mode and half in serious work mode. After a scrumptious roast dinner and a relaxing day on Monday, Tuesday was a true Spring day in Liverpool with bright blue skies and sunshine, which is all well and good when you're outside playing in it...not cooped up in the library. After a few hours of inhaling the aroma of sweat and battling square eyes, Elliot suggested a few drinks to soak up the last of the day's sun. We headed to The Quarter just off Hope Street and I spent the afternoon burning and drinking Estrella.

On Wednesday I started what will hopefully be my final work placement at Liverpool Women's Hospital in the communications department. Aside from the standard placement problems such as having no real purpose, having to ask for tasks and overcoming the fear of being in the way - it is actually an interesting organisation to work within and i'm hoping it will be a valuable experience to take part in for the rest of the month.

This weekend has been all about relaxing, i'm trying to keep my workload for weekdays only as I was starting to resent the fact I was working on something 7 days a week. April is one of the busiest months i've ever had with placement, my work at the students union, final university projects and an NCTJ diploma exam. The NCTJ is essentially the official governing body of trainee journalists, the exam I will be sitting is reporting...I'd like to at least get the certificate to tie up my studies in journalism.

I met with my friend Laura on Saturday to enjoy one of Rococo's healthy smoothies and catch up on life. I found myself with a burnt nose once a again #palegirlproblems and that was from sitting inside!

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Primers, you either love them or you hate them - I myself absolutely love using a primer to colour correct my skin and to provide a flawless base for foundation. For many years my favourite primer was the Dr Murad 'Skin Perfecting Primer' however, I was introduced to the Almay 'Smart Shade' primer range and my preference has changed.

The 'Smart Shade Primer' is a colour correction primer that blends purple and green tones to counteract redness and an un-even skintone. Green is the opposite of red on the colour wheel therefore this pigment is perfect for angry blemishes.

The 'CC Luminous primer' is a complex correcting primer that moisturisers whilst evening out your skin before make-up application. The formula is creamy and very work-able into the skin without a cakey film building on the skin. 

If I had to choose a favourite between these two primers - I couldn't as they both keep my make-up looking fresh and long lasting without making my skin feel heavy.



Sticking with our US beauty party this week, today I am talking about hair care - something which if you are a regular reader of GGMH is close to my heart (and hair.) 

For the past three weeks I have been using the 'It's a 10' haircare brand. After having my hair chopped last month, I found that my usual shampoo was weighing down my hair, leaving it lank and lack-lustre. I had heard that sulphate free shampoo would leave my hair feeling refreshed and less heavy after washing. 

The It's a 10 'Miracle Moisture Shampoo' is quite unlike any other shampoo that i've used before as it doesn't lather into an overly drying foam, instead it sits within the hair which can be a little weird at first, if you've ever tried 'co-washing' it is a similar process. The formula aims to pack in 10 nutrients into your tresses including: Vitamin C, Ginger extract and Aloe Vera for softer, stronger and more supple hair.

After leaving the shampoo on my hair for 2 minutes I rinse and follow the steps up with the 'Miracle Hair Mask' which aims to detangle, soften, de-frizz, improve colour vibrancy and enhance natural body. All of which I think it does, very well. I leave the treatment on for 5 minutes before rinsing, my hair feels ridiculously soft and nourished which is good news for lighter hair colour lovers like myself who's hair tends to be a little dry.

Finally, I complete my 'It's a 10' hair heaven with a few spritz' of the 'Miracle leave in product' which is applied to towel dry hair and blow dried in to control frizz, seal in colour, prevents split ends, breakage and acts as a heat protectant.

I'm really impressed with this hair care range and i've located it sneakily hiding on Amazon which is good news for us brit beauty mavens.



I have had a little love affair with Physicians Formula ever since Tati from 'GlamLifeGuru' raved about a mascara in coloured, bendy packaging. I tried the 'Lash Boosting Mascara' last summer and really enjoyed the non clump formula and rubber wand to really dig deep into the root of the lashes.

This year I am trying the 'Fake Out Mascara' which claims to be the first ever mascara with 100% natural lash extension fibres for non irritant Bambi eyes and 100% natural ingredients (Something that really sells this brand to me as who knows what chemicals you could be putting into your eyes.)

The rubbery, jumbo wand is great for maneuvering through the lashes to create volume and length, the non clumpy formula is an added benefit when building up the layers to achieve a dramatic, false lash effect. I like the 'Fake Out Mascara' just as much as the 'Lash Boosting Mascara' both offer great precision and drama when applied to the lashes, it's just a shame I can't get my hands on it un the UK. 


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This week kicked off with a few heavy library sessions to complete all of my outstanding uni work including my 12 page beauty magazine which is now just about finished and looks pretty good, I can't wait to share it with you all to see what you think.

After working a few days to earn some extra pennies over the Easter break, Thursday evening was spent catching up with friends and having a few g+t's to see in the bank holiday weekend.

I've been in on a little secret for a few weeks now and all was revealed on Friday afternoon, my chaps sister lives in Dubai and had returned to the UK to surprise him. I had told him not to make any plans for the afternoon and we settled down to crack on with some work - he was completely unawares that when his sister Skyped him, she was actually outside his flat, his face was priceless and it was really lovely to be in on the surprise.

For a little bit of a change, my parents came over to Liverpool this weekend to see me which was really nice. We headed for a spot of lunch at Cafe Rouge and I showed them around as they haven't really visited the city since they brought me to look around the place some three years ago. My Mum is known to have spent a few uni party days in Liverpool so it was really nostalgic for her to return and see how the place has changed.

Last night I hopped on the train to Manchester to join in my chaps family Easter celebrations which is always a really nice change as they are always a good laugh.

Next week I am going to be working two days a week at the Liverpool Women's Hospital in their comms department, if any of you watch this series of One born every minute that's where I will be spending a few hours a week and I am super excited.

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I have to say that I kind of love the "Simply American" tagline that Almay cosmetics uses, it reminds me of beauty trends past, led by my favourite American sweethearts - winged liner and beachy hair from Lauren Conrad and nude pink lips from Kim Kardashian. 

I was introduced to the Almay brand by my Aunt who lives stateside and is able to buy the amazing range of U.S make-up that us British gals can't easily get our mittens on. Almay came highly recommended by her and she introduced me to a full face base for under $10 each (Around the £5 mark in the UK, similar to Collection prices.) 

The 'Smart Shade' foundation is made up of a skin tone matching formula that applies to your brush white and as it is blended into the skin, matches your natural tone. The coverage is light to medium, blend-able and is creamy in consistency. What I like about this formula is how lightly it sits on the skin, no cake - just silky and moisturising.

The 'Smart Shade' concealer is blended to the same formula as the foundation, a light consistency that blends into an even colour upon contact with the skin. I found that the formula isn't as thick as I like in a concealer (think Collection 'Lasting perfection' as an example) and I struggled to get coverage on a few nasty blemishes on my forehead. On lighter imperfections this is certainly a go to concealer but for the big nasties perhaps layer with something a little heavier in coverage.

My favourite product from this line is the 'Smart Shade - balancing pressed power' - this stuff is awesome. The mix of bronze, highlight and neutral powder allow for an even layer of setting powder over foundation. I like to stipple the silky powder into the skin using a Mac '130' before going in with an angled brush on the highlighter pads and blending onto the tops of my cheeks. This powder controls oil on the T-zone and keeps foundation looking fresh throughout the day. 

I'm really impressed with the Almay range and if you like the look of them too, there will be a review of two primers from their line coming up in the next few days.  



Since properly inspired by make-up from the age of 16, my teenage skin made no allowances for any foundation with any less coverage than that supplied by 'Studio fix fluid' from Mac. Since my make-up routine as evolved, I tend to wear less product on my face.

On days when I have a few lectures, or a library day planned, I have recently been wearing nothing other on my skin than the ESPA 'Tinted moisturiser'* The radiant formula contains SPF 15, sunflower seed concentrate, white lupin, hyraluronic acid and mineral pigments to keep the face nourished whilst applying a hint of colour.

I have the shades 03 Almond and 02 Blush which suit my skin perfectly without with or without fake tan. I apply the formula with the warmth of my fingers after cleansing and toning my face, the coverage is sheer but balances out imperfections and redness in the skin.

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