Saturday, 11 April 2015


Primers, you either love them or you hate them - I myself absolutely love using a primer to colour correct my skin and to provide a flawless base for foundation. For many years my favourite primer was the Dr Murad 'Skin Perfecting Primer' however, I was introduced to the Almay 'Smart Shade' primer range and my preference has changed.

The 'Smart Shade Primer' is a colour correction primer that blends purple and green tones to counteract redness and an un-even skintone. Green is the opposite of red on the colour wheel therefore this pigment is perfect for angry blemishes.

The 'CC Luminous primer' is a complex correcting primer that moisturisers whilst evening out your skin before make-up application. The formula is creamy and very work-able into the skin without a cakey film building on the skin. 

If I had to choose a favourite between these two primers - I couldn't as they both keep my make-up looking fresh and long lasting without making my skin feel heavy.


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