Sticking with our US beauty party this week, today I am talking about hair care - something which if you are a regular reader of GGMH is close to my heart (and hair.) 

For the past three weeks I have been using the 'It's a 10' haircare brand. After having my hair chopped last month, I found that my usual shampoo was weighing down my hair, leaving it lank and lack-lustre. I had heard that sulphate free shampoo would leave my hair feeling refreshed and less heavy after washing. 

The It's a 10 'Miracle Moisture Shampoo' is quite unlike any other shampoo that i've used before as it doesn't lather into an overly drying foam, instead it sits within the hair which can be a little weird at first, if you've ever tried 'co-washing' it is a similar process. The formula aims to pack in 10 nutrients into your tresses including: Vitamin C, Ginger extract and Aloe Vera for softer, stronger and more supple hair.

After leaving the shampoo on my hair for 2 minutes I rinse and follow the steps up with the 'Miracle Hair Mask' which aims to detangle, soften, de-frizz, improve colour vibrancy and enhance natural body. All of which I think it does, very well. I leave the treatment on for 5 minutes before rinsing, my hair feels ridiculously soft and nourished which is good news for lighter hair colour lovers like myself who's hair tends to be a little dry.

Finally, I complete my 'It's a 10' hair heaven with a few spritz' of the 'Miracle leave in product' which is applied to towel dry hair and blow dried in to control frizz, seal in colour, prevents split ends, breakage and acts as a heat protectant.

I'm really impressed with this hair care range and i've located it sneakily hiding on Amazon which is good news for us brit beauty mavens.

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