I love playing around and changing up my everyday eye make-up, it is one of the areas of make-up where I am confident in being creative with colour and products. This month I have been opting for a more matte eye make-up to compliment my current favourite 90's lip combo.

I start my eye make-up by sweeping the almond shade 'Naked' all over my lids. As you can see by looking at my UDNP it's not one of my most well used shades and I have really enjoyed using it. Similarly I have been using the deeper, more chocolate shade 'Buck' through the socket line and blending into the outer corners of my eye lids. These shades are brilliant at being layered to deepen the pigment or used lightly as a lid wash. I have been using my Eco Tools pencil brush to apply 'Hustle' a heathery-brown shade to the underneath of my lower lash line to make my eyes more defined.

I am still loving the fluidity of using a soft, kohl pencil in both the tight line and water line as it gives my eyes a smokier look and helps to set off the brown shades around my blue eyes. I finish with a little lash building with my Jica Lash extensions and a lashing of the Physicians Formula 'Fake out mascara.' 

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