I've watched the 90's make-up trend re-ignite over the past few months all thanks to a certain Jenner sister and her infamous Instagram's featuring overdrawn lips and matte brown eyelids.

I have always loved the 90's supermodel look and have often headed towards inspiration from Cindy Crawford for a muted, sophisticated make-up look.

After much deliberation I decided to jump on the band wagon myself and give brown lips a whirl. As somebody with fairly small lips, overdrawing them does look a little ridiculous on me therefore day to day I pair back the trend. 

I start by lining my lips with the Collection lip definer in 'Cappucino' a milk chocolate shade with a hint of red. I blend the colour into my lips before going in with the cult lipstick shade 'Coffee Shimmer' by Rimmel which I have been told was one of the shades of the 90's alongside the slightly more purple tones 'Heather Shimmer.' 'Coffee Shimmer' is a super moisturising, chocolate brown shade with a slightly frosted finish and a plum undertone. As part of the lasting finish line, the lippy stays put pretty much all day, especially with the help of the lip liner.

This lip look is simple and easy to wear day to day as well as being a good dupe for one of the hottest lip combo's of the teens? err 90's?

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