I'm starting to worry that time is whizzing past me so quickly that one day i'll wake up and i'm 30. Here we find ourselves again at the end of another month and heading deep into the Spring/ early Summer season. In April I used a lot of new products and found myself having a Spring clean in my make-up drawers, giving some old tatty products the boot and making room for new favourites.

The Base: I have been playing around with a fair few primers this month, some of which you can read about HERE however, I found myself unscrewing the lid off the Clarins 'Beauty Flash Balm' an old base favourite of mine and was re-impressed with its ability to smoothen my skin, even our imperfections and give my foundation a strong base to merge with which results in my make-up lasting longer. 

The Skin: I know, I know i'm going on about these make-up wipes again however there is no way I couldn't not include them in my monthly favourites as they have been so useful and have reignited my love for make-up wipes. They are cheap, super moisturising, do the job very efficiently and perfect for throwing in your bag for post night out when all you want is your bed.

The Eyes: Possibly one of the best mascara's that I have tried in a long time, the 'Wondercurl' by Lacura beauty (available at Aldi) has a curved, precise wand that digs deep into the root of the lashes, lengthening and volumising as it goes. No clumps and matted lashes to be seen here, the formula is light and easy to apply without causing any irritation to the eyes.

The Lips: After fighting it for so long, I succumbed to the 90's lip trend instigated by Kylie Jenner. I am loving matte, brown lips a'la Cindy Crawford and I rock this by lining my lips with 'Cappuccino' lip definer by Collection and cult 1990's lippy 'Coffee Shimmer' by Rimmel.

The Foundation: Still one of greatest foundations I have tried, the Almay 'Smart Shade' foundation. The formula is smooth, moisturising and so clever at adapting to my skin tone whether that be natural or with the application of fake tan.

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