THE WEEK #14 2015

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This week kicked off with a few heavy library sessions to complete all of my outstanding uni work including my 12 page beauty magazine which is now just about finished and looks pretty good, I can't wait to share it with you all to see what you think.

After working a few days to earn some extra pennies over the Easter break, Thursday evening was spent catching up with friends and having a few g+t's to see in the bank holiday weekend.

I've been in on a little secret for a few weeks now and all was revealed on Friday afternoon, my chaps sister lives in Dubai and had returned to the UK to surprise him. I had told him not to make any plans for the afternoon and we settled down to crack on with some work - he was completely unawares that when his sister Skyped him, she was actually outside his flat, his face was priceless and it was really lovely to be in on the surprise.

For a little bit of a change, my parents came over to Liverpool this weekend to see me which was really nice. We headed for a spot of lunch at Cafe Rouge and I showed them around as they haven't really visited the city since they brought me to look around the place some three years ago. My Mum is known to have spent a few uni party days in Liverpool so it was really nostalgic for her to return and see how the place has changed.

Last night I hopped on the train to Manchester to join in my chaps family Easter celebrations which is always a really nice change as they are always a good laugh.

Next week I am going to be working two days a week at the Liverpool Women's Hospital in their comms department, if any of you watch this series of One born every minute that's where I will be spending a few hours a week and I am super excited.

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