THE WEEK #15 2015

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This week has been one of those back to front weeks where you're half in bank holiday mode and half in serious work mode. After a scrumptious roast dinner and a relaxing day on Monday, Tuesday was a true Spring day in Liverpool with bright blue skies and sunshine, which is all well and good when you're outside playing in it...not cooped up in the library. After a few hours of inhaling the aroma of sweat and battling square eyes, Elliot suggested a few drinks to soak up the last of the day's sun. We headed to The Quarter just off Hope Street and I spent the afternoon burning and drinking Estrella.

On Wednesday I started what will hopefully be my final work placement at Liverpool Women's Hospital in the communications department. Aside from the standard placement problems such as having no real purpose, having to ask for tasks and overcoming the fear of being in the way - it is actually an interesting organisation to work within and i'm hoping it will be a valuable experience to take part in for the rest of the month.

This weekend has been all about relaxing, i'm trying to keep my workload for weekdays only as I was starting to resent the fact I was working on something 7 days a week. April is one of the busiest months i've ever had with placement, my work at the students union, final university projects and an NCTJ diploma exam. The NCTJ is essentially the official governing body of trainee journalists, the exam I will be sitting is reporting...I'd like to at least get the certificate to tie up my studies in journalism.

I met with my friend Laura on Saturday to enjoy one of Rococo's healthy smoothies and catch up on life. I found myself with a burnt nose once a again #palegirlproblems and that was from sitting inside!

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