THE WEEK #16 2015

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This week has held many trials and tribulations and at one point I felt like a broken woman. On Wednesday I had to pay a visit to the emergency dentist with a wisdom tooth related issue, I found myself paying the flat NHS rate of £18.80 for the dentist to merely prod my gum so hard that I shot up in the air and tell me that she wasn't going to be performing any treatment and that I needed some antibiotics...another £9 fee. I came away feeling cheated and angry how charging nearly £19 to give my gum a poke is justifiable i'll never know.

On Thursday I was still festering and took my frustration out in the form of cleaning my flat, mega blitz style and I have to say that I felt better for it afterwards. Tidy flat, tidy mind or so they say.

Yesterday I soaked up the sunshine that adorned Liverpool city centre, I managed to burn my nose...again and thoroughly enjoyed not answering work emails - it's been a testing week but that's a tale for another day.

Next week beckons more testing situations and I am hoping that everything runs as smoothly as possible as I am turning into that stress head, perhaps I can treat myself to a snazzy new lipstick (or two) to lift my mood.

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