THE WEEK #17 2015

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This week was a turning point in my life where everything I  know has been thrown upside down and i'm left to sort it out. On Monday I very sadly witnessed a horrific road accident whereby a lady lost her life, I wish I hadn't seen it as it is really stuck in my mind now and i'm not sure how I can get rid of it. I feel so much sadness for the lady who was somebody's daughter and potentially somebody's mother and I feel anger with myself for being at the wrong place and the wrong time.

By Wednesday my Macbook which had been on the blink for a week or so gave up the ghost and blessed me with 'The white screen of death.' I've had it for over four years and it was an 18th birthday present from my Grandpa (otherwise known as Papa to me) - I'm really gutted that a piece of technology donned one of the best in the world could just stop working. The only appointment that the Apple store in Liverpool One could give me to have it looked at was next week however, I can't see the outcome looking very promising. 

And then the straw that broke the camels back - I learned that my boyfriend had been offered a job very far away from where we live now. I'm so proud of him and  I am one of his biggest supporters, encouraging his talents all throughout the process and however selfish this sounds, I can't help but feel so much sadness that another long distance relationship is in the pipeline. I found myself in one when I started university and it broke me, not only financially but mentally too it was one of the worst experiences and i'm absolutely gutted that the choices are the epic strains of another LDR for at least 2 years or a break up. It's rough. 

I've felt really quite horrendous this week and I feel like i'm taking the weight of the world on my shoulders. The prospect of another LDR, my Grandad being taken ill, my Macbook breaking and seeing somebody lose their life mixed with the fears of starting a new job soon and my friends moving away have just made the future seem really fragile. I'm heading back to my hometown next weekend and i'm hoping it's the tonic that I need to sort my brain out and make a new plan. Life amazes me how one week you can be sat in the sunshine without a care in the world and the next that world blows apart.

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