22 May 2015


Revolution - Albert Dock holds significance to my chap and I as it was one of the places we would head over to for a drink in the fizzy excitement of dating and where a crucial "Should we do this for real?" conversation was had. 

Tuesday night was date night and having not formally celebrated the start of my new job with a cocktail or two, we headed over to the dockside venue as they had very kindly contacted me to find out if I wanted to try out their new kitchen menu. 

We started with cocktails having arrived just before 2-4-1 happy hour ended at 7pm. My favourite Revs cocktail is currently the new 'Absolut Soup' a tantalising blend of Absolut Vodka, Coconut Schnapps, apple and grapefruit juice served in a quirky can based on Andy Warhol's famous pop art image of Campbell's Tomato Soup. In terms of taste think Pina Colarda but sexier and 10/10 for quirky presentation.

It's a long time since I had eaten food at Revolution so I can't remember the previous menus offering however, their new menu is expansive with a street food vibe and a whole host of interesting dishes combining traditional food with quirky ingredients such as popping candy and Wotsits. 

I'd heard through the grape vine that the portion sizes are immense so with an epic foody feast in front of us we started by sharing the 'Smoke and Fire' burgers. Two mini burgers, the first being a burger incased in a spicy sauce and the second a smokey burger topped with cheese. Both were delicious, fresh tasting and not too heavy as a starter. 

Between our starter and main courses we were introduced to the mixologists special cocktail the 'Lychee Martini' which was a snappy, refreshing drink to help soften the spices from the firey burger.

For my main course I ordered 'The bad boy' pizza a meaty feast of pepperoni, fennel sausage, spicy pork 'n' duja, meatballs, house ketchup, roquito peppers and red onions served with armageddon sauce, blue cheese dip and big easy mayo. Apparently this pizza isn't for the feint hearted and I have to  agree although for epic spice lovers like myself it was no problem at all ;). The armageddon dip was ah-mazing poured over the stone baked dough. I had my pizza with a side of 'Viper' sweet potato fries, super taste bud tickling, crispy fries in a hot seasoning.

Elliot opted for 'The triple overload' and when our lovely waitress informed us that it was an epic one I did laugh and think there is no way he would finish the plate. The beef burger, buttermilk chicken, pull pork stacker is served with smoked cheddar and served in a triple brioche covered in armageddon sauce served with viper fries and BBQ crackling pops. Being the food hoover that he is, he of course cleared the board and informed me it was super delicious.

By the time desert was mentioned we were both defeated by the epic meals that we had just consumed although the menu looks pretty tantalising with rumours of Nutella filled soft dough and blueberry dip.

Revolution is often known as a party place, somewhere to go before a night out for cocktails and a dance however, the burgers and pizzas on their new menu are enough to rival all of the foody destinations across Liverpool known for those dishes specifically. The atmosphere is buzzing, the staff are super helpful and chatty and the service was as spot on as the food. 

If you're thinking of going out for food and interested in trying a new kitchen menu with some interesting concepts and flavours then give Revolution a try - they are spread across the UK so there is bound to be one near you.


14 May 2015


Using an at home colourant is always a gamble, you never quite know what you're going to come out with. To try and eradicate some of the harsh yellowy/orange tones in my hair, I decided to dip a shade darker. 

A few months ago I saw the gorgeous Victoria's Secret model 'Karlie Kloss' sporting a super gorgeous honey blonde hair shade in her promo as spokeswoman for the L'oreal Paris 'Prodigy' hair dyes. It turns out that the shade she sported was 'Camel' and I knew that I had to give it a go.

The Prodigy hair dyes sit at the top of the home hair colourant market at £7.99 available at Boots and Superdrug. The dyes are ammonia free and aim to blend natural tones through your hair. 

The picture above was taken straight after colouring my hair and has since lightened up wash by wash, a lot of the lighter blonde I had in my hair is blending through giving me a gorgeous warm, beachy shade, perfect for the warmer weather. 


12 May 2015


I'm having one of those moments where you think "what on earth happened?" - sitting down to write this post is surreal. Only a few years ago back in 2012 I was hammering the keyboard voicing my concerns about moving to Liverpool and starting university.

Then followed my first year of university which was one of the toughest years of my life and it challenged me every way possible - everything from moving away, holding down a long distance relationship with my (at the time) childhood sweetheart and living with people I didn't get on with.

My second year was where my university life turned around, I shook off my insecurities and broadened my horizons to make it work here in Liverpool and now here I am, university has concluded for good and i'm working full time in the field I studied so hard to become a 'professional' in.

Today I am talking about the third and final year of my BA Hons Journalism degree at Liverpool John Moores University. I have to say third year was the best year yet and part of me is sad that my academic adventure is no longer continuing.

My lifestyle in Liverpool this year has been amazing for many reasons (even though I haven't found myself partying hard every weekend) the biggest reason has to be the fact that I lived on my own as opposed to sharing with people I didn't know or even people I thought I knew. If I had been mature enough to know that living alone was the best option for me, I'd have done it from the start and saved a whole lot of aggro in the long run. I have loved having the space to myself or to entertain or to do my work quietly. How tidy or how noisy the space is, is my choice and that's exactly how I like it.

In terms of the actual academic side of things, I wish I hadn't taken the 'third year will be hell' sentiments to heart as it really hasn't been hell and I've sneakily quite enjoyed the challenges I faced. Third year studying journalism at JMU is much more practical than any of the previous years and you work as a professional journalist all year round. Some modules have not come without their stresses, sourcing original news stories and designing a newspaper every week can almost break you but I feel that the key to success is extreme organisation. If you work 1-2 weeks ahead of yourself you will manage to get everything done and do it well.

 I had the opportunity to head out on work placement this year and whilst my main work experience in January was a complete waste of time, I did other bits of work experience thoughout the year which all helped to build my confidence both at uni and in my personal life. I also had a taste of PR which has helped me in my career. I have to say that I also quite enjoyed researching and producing my dissertation which was on the innovation of women's lifestyle magazines. Last year I was relentlessly scared of the prospect however, I found that by choosing a topic that interested me it kept my mind stimulated.

 One of my favourite aspects of this year was the freedom to create a magazine from scratch as a final project. I of course centred my magazine around beauty and the outcome is pretty alright despite my InDesign skills being a little redundant at the start of the year.

Like most soon-to-be graduates, a good 50% of my third year was spent worrying myself sick over what I would do when all of my assignments were handed in. Moving home wasn't really an option for me and I felt like I was running in quick sand trying to work out my next move. My story is quite unique in the way that my job came around and I guess I have to thank that homesick 18 year old back in 2012 for getting out and going to an event that led me to meeting my future boss who would offer me the perfect job role a few years later. And now the girl who did anything to escape Liverpool is setting up camp here for a while longer!

If it had any advice for the third year of university, it would be to work extremely hard, be very organised and start circulating your professional capabilities from September. Get yourself on Linked In, build up your CV, get out there on work experience and show potential employers why they should pick you from the thousands of other graduates out there.

 I would also advise anybody to get a job within their student union, I worked as a receptionist and later as digital content staff at LiverpoolSU for two years and I met some fantastic friends. The work is flexible and gives you a new circle of friends and experiences all whilst earning a few pennies.


7 May 2015


I'm a self confessed, Pinterest addict whether that be scrolling through my phone to see if any new pins on my homepage tickle my pickle or simply to heading off into the vaults of Pinterest to find some inspiration. 

I have always loved scrapbooking and creating collages, you only have to take a peek at the inspiration wall in my flat to get a feel for the kinds of image collation that I like. 

I currently have 25 boards on the go ranging from style to antiques. My boards are categorised into 'Inspiration' boards for images that inspire my taste in clothes, hair and make-up alongside 'GGMH Loves' boards which include a range of subject areas such as celebrity icons, cultural movements or places (usually a city) in the world. 

My favourite collection of images is probably my 'Interesting People' board as it houses a whole host of people who interest me from throughout the decades, Audrey Hepburn, John Lennon, Natalie Massenet and Paula Yates to name a few. 

The most inspiring board out of my collection is probably my 'Interior + Exterior' board which is essentially a scrapbook of ideas for my dream home however, more realistically as I rent my own flat, I like to take little pieces of inspo to kit out of my own place. 

The board that I get lost pinning on is my 'Rock 'n' Roll' board on their is an amalgamation of documented cultural and musical movements. Everything from the swinging 60's to the new wave era of the early 1980's. There's archives of influential people of their time such Mick Jagger, Stevie Nicks and Steve Strange and I love to note how fashion changes throughout the years.

Pinterest is a great space on the internet to store and share ideas through imagery, afterall it was my 'London' board that helped me to seek out some of the lesser known gems in the capital and my 'Sunshine Wanderlust' board that helped me to find the perfect holiday getaway in Ibiza.

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