Since giving my hair a rest from the bleach and embracing a more natural brunette shade, I have found that my make-up needed drastically altering to lift the darkness from around my face.

As a brunette version of myself, I can no longer get away with not wearing make-up as my pale complexion makes me look a little dowdy. I have upped my tanning game and tweaked my everyday make-up to ensure that brunette Hollie looks alive and fresh.

I start with my ESPA tinted moisturiser to give my face a dewy, light coverage before defining my brows using the Maybelline 'Brow Drama' having my hair match my brows (for once) gives me the freedom to bold them up and rock a strong brow.

Keeping my skin tone warm, I sculpt my cheeks using a bronzer from Elizabeth Arden a very finely milled powder that when used lightly gives for a gorgeous summery glow.

On my eyes, I accentuate the blue pigment by using a variety of warm, bronze and brown shades from my MUA 'Heaven and Earth' palette. Dark hair against blue eyes is cool toned so I like to warm my features up a little and define my peepers using 'Blitz and Glitz' gel eyeliner from Mac. 

I have been stepping away from a darker lip and opting for a punchy, bold pink such as 'As you want Victoria' from Rimmel and 'Brighton Rock' by Topshop.

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