Since returning my locks to a more natural hue of brunette, my haircare routine has become more of a nod towards hair care rather than hair colour. I have invested in a few products to keep the condition of my hair looking and feeling good.

The shampoo: I am currently using the Clynol 'Colour and care' shampoo which aims to hydrate and protect colour hair. Unwashed brunette hair doesn't look quite so hot so I like to use a shampoo that doesn't leave me with a lot of product build up and keep my hair clarified. 

The conditioner: I have been using the Trevor Sorbie 'Brilliant brunette' hair masque which is a gorgeous, thick cream masque that keeps my hair super, super shiny and soft. I like to leave the masque on for 30 mins on a weekend and 5 mins when i'm washing my hair on an evening.

The heat protectant: I've long since been a huge fan of thermal protectant as it helped keep my tresses in one piece sometime long ago when ghd's were my go to tools. I am currently using a hybrid formula that conditions the hair as well as protecting it from the heat of the hair dryer. The It's a 10 'Miracle leave in product' is one of the most lightweight formulas that i've tried and doesn't leave a sticky residue in the hair.

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