It kind of saddens me that I have a nice collection of nail polish and stubby nails to wear them on. For pretty much all of my life i've been a nail biter (yuck, grim I know) however, for the years between 17 and 20 I had super, super long talons that were strong and healthy...then university pressure and work pressure built up and now i'm back to square one whereby my nails are very weak and split. 

Today i'm talking about my favourite nail polishes in a bid to inspire me to grow my nails again so that I can wear the colours to their full potential. Back in the day when my love for beauty products built up, I had a vast collection of polishes however sometime last summer I had a huge clear out and now my all of my polishes are very wearable shades.

'Snake Rattle and Roll' from Essie is a beautiful, metallic grey shade with a pearl finish. Originally part of the 'Reptile' collection it can be used with a magnet to create an interesting print. I like to wear it without the flamboyance.

'Scorched' by Collection '60 seconds, Hot looks' is a beautiful burnt orange shade that looks great with a tan and on toes. The mix of auburn, gold and red is a bit of a sunset in a bottle. 

'St Martin's Lane' is a gorgeous magenta/grape shade by Nails Inc it is one of my go to polishes all year round, despite being a more wintery shade. Nails Inc are one of my favourite nail polish brands for consistency and colour choice. 

'Green Bronze' is a teeny, tiny polish from Max Factor that mixes a grungey black shade with green and gold glitter. This colour looks great on shorter nails and remains chip free for 2 days without a top coat.

'Chameleon Copper' from Hema Cosmetics is my favourite nail polish. The petrol spill mix of gold, green and blue makes for a beautiful nail colour all year round. The formula is one of the best i've tried and the lasting power is seriously amazing too.

'Scorchin' Hot' is a step away from my usual, dark choices in nail polish. The punchy orange toned red from Seche is my kind of colour. It looks vibrant all year round and has some serious staying power. I once wore this polish for 5 days straight without a single chip.

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