Another four days, another four outfits and to say time is ticking well into May I wouldn't say that these clothing ensembles are very warm weather worthy.

Outfit 1: On this particular occasion the sun was out and there was not a sweep of a breeze in the air so I braved it with a vest top from and black skinny jeans from Primark. On my feet I had on a pair of black boots with buckle details. To brighten up the darkness of this outfit I rocked 'Ruby Woo' lipstick from Mac.

Outfit 2: This outfit represents one of those days whereby I throw clothes together and hope for the best. Oh my feet I have a pair of sliders, paired with black leggings from Topshop. I have on a thin, grey cardigan from H+M and a black jumper from Primark layered underneath that. My faux fur gilet is vintage, i've had it around 4 years now and although it's starting to look a little raggy it's something I could never part with.

Outfit 3: My go to casual attire for when I don't know what to wear. My denim shirt is from Primark and as before my black skinny jeans are from Primark. I tend to wear my shirt buttoned up but sometimes I like to wear it with a grey cami underneath and the buttons open.

Outfit 4: Very similar to outfit one but with my grey H+M cardigan layered over a plain black tank top and accessorised with a locket pendent from Topshop.

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