I'm a self confessed jewellery fiend, opening my jewellery box of sparkly trinkets is always something I love to do however, when it comes to which pieces to pick in the morning I have a few favourites in rotation.

I like to mix and match gold, silver and rose gold as I think it gives a boho, relaxed vibe - especially bracelets stacked up prettily. I'm currently wearing a silver charm bracelet with my chunky, Michael Kors chain on my left arm. I guess we could say my left arm is my silver arm as both bracelets sit alongside my Pandora bracelet with a key charm that I was bought for my 21st. On my right arm I wear a gold bangle with little elephants on it which was a bargainous £1 from Primark. 

Alongside my special rings that belonged to my late Nana, I wear a mixture of cocktail rings, the green stoned ring also belonged to my Nana which I wear on my thumb and the gold, oval ring I wear on my left index finger. Some might say it's a little OTT but I love jewellery that much that it really is the more the better in my opinion.

My favourite kinds of necklaces are usually long chains with interesting pendants however, more recently I have been opting for shorter, statement pieces. My little skull necklace is from Etsy, I love the cute, smiley skull charms paired against the black beads and it looks lovely when worn with a plain grey or white t-shirt.

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