Since I spent last summer in London with the streets padded daily by tanned feet in sliders, I wanted a pair for myself. The problem being that my narrow foot drowned in the wide, set, cork bottom sandals and looked kind of ridiculous.

Fast forward 10 months and I spotted a pair of interesting footwear in TK Maxx. My friend Laura was shopping with me at the time and expressed her dislike for the slightly raised, narrow sliders in front of us.

After trying them on, I knew they would be my staple shoe of Summer 2015, the sponged sole is super comfy and the way that the shoe is moulded for a more narrow footprint is as though they were made for my feet. At £19.99 they weren't a bad investment as I have already worn them almost everyday for the past few weeks. They look awesome with maxi dresses and jeans and still air that cool, city chic vibe that the original Birkenstocks air but with a bit of extra height and comfort.

For any fellow narrow footed folk out there, these sliders are from Spanish brand 'Xti footwear' which you can find online.

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