I was like a Magpie when I saw these beauties sat on the shelf. It was a toss up between black and sparkly gold - of course black would have been the more obvious workwear choice but me being me wanted the sparkly variant and there was nothing that would change my mind. As soon as I dipped my foot into the sturdy, leather shoe I felt like Carrie Bradshaw, passionate about some footwear,

I found the slippers in TK Maxx, marked down from £70 to £25 I figured that they would become my favourite shoes...ever. From the 'Carvella' by Kurt Geiger range I felt grown up as I scurried to the till with them only to slip off my boots immediately to wear them.

Since that afternoon, i've worn them once. The mess they leave my feet in is so severe that i'm too scared of picking them out of my wardrobe and braving to wear them. I've left my heels and toes to recover and I am braving giving them another go tomorrow...I'll have to stock up on plasters that is for certain. The things we do in the name of fashion.

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