With the weather in May not quite as sunny and bright as i'd hoped, I could pair back my tanning routine as the ole' pins haven't made a naked appearance and my jumpers have remained positioned firmly at the front of my wardrobe. May has brought me the end of university and the start of a career in digital marketing which has been exciting and terrifying in equal measures. Today I am talking about my most loved and used products for this month.

The pamper product: I am usually one of those lazy girls who skips moisturising then wonders why my fake tan application is patchy or my skin is looking especially dry. On the flip side I love nothing more than a creamy body moisturiser that smells divine. That is exactly what the Sanctuary Body Butter offers me. It can be found in Boots and the scent is distinctive, lingering and warm. 

The base: The Maybelline 'Fit Me' foundation is one of my unsung heroes, the coverage is medium build-able with a dewy finish. It's a gel foundation that glides on to the skin easily with the warmth of fingers or with a brush. 

The hair glosser Since rocking a brunette barnet (again) I have been lusting for shine and gloss. Inspired by Kym Marsh' gorgeous locks on Corrie I have been continuing my hair care routine with the Clynol 'Colour and care' shimmer spray which is applied to damp hair before blow drying. The results give soft, shiny hair that reflects the hair colour under natural light.

The glow: I keep buying new bronzers and always coming back to the Bourjois 'Chocolate box bronzer' the soft, warm pigment looks lovely when applied down the nose and across the temples. I don't use this shade so much as a contour as it is a little too warm for that but to get the glow it is my go to matte powder.

The pearly whites: Since the drama of my wisdom teeth I have been paying even more attention to my teeth. With the worry of having an operation to have the little blighter removed, I am obsessed with keeping my mouth extra clean and maintaining white teeth. The Oral B 'Pro Expert' toothpaste is in all in one paste that whitens whilst protecting the teeth. The formula is gritty that is pretty good at exfoliating the tongue!

The brow buffer: I showcased my love for the Lacura beauty range  a few weeks ago and my experimentation is on going with the products. The brow pencil is soft and easy to create a precise outline of the brows. I really like the spooly end which is perfect for brushing through the colour and maintaining a groomed look.

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