THE WEEK #18 2015

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This week started with myself and Elliot's summer holiday finally getting booked. With the green light from my new job, a slot in our diaries and a yearning for sun, sand and sea we decided to book a week in Es Cana, Ibiza - apparently it's a lively little resort that hosts a weekly 'Hippie Market' and is adorned in super hot sunshine and sat beside sparkly, turquoise water. I think it will be just the ticket and of course a lovely adventure together before we start a new chapter of our lives in a long distance relationship.
I handed my dissertation in this week and it feels pretty good to be safe in the knowledge that I don't have to feel quite so guilty about sleeping in on a weekend and worrying every-time I open my laptop that all of my research had erased. I have one final university assignment to hand in next week and that is me officially finished with schooling forever. My third year of university post will be rocking up very soon so keep a look out for that if you're interested in reading how the final leg of the journey fared.
Last week I told you that my MacBook had died a slow death, on Wednesday I took it to the genius bar to see what the prognosis was to be. I felt like I was taking my pet to be put to sleep and whilst the diagnosis isn't great a new hard drive isn't going to cost me as much as I anticipated and half of the problem is actually an Apple technical fault. I should have it back on Tuesday and I m hoping it is almost as good as new.
Wednesday also saw me finishing what I hope will be my final stint working for free. I've enjoyed getting a taste for life as a communications/ marketing officer for the NHS and the people I worked with were very friendly and encouraging, in particular a lady named Jayne who listened to all of my moaning and groaning about life's issues... She gave me some pretty sound advice too!

This weekend I spent at my parents' house with a good chunk of it sat back in the dentist chair. My wisdom tooth issue decided to return with a vengeance and with dental waiting times in Liverpool stretching to mid June, I had, had more than enough of the constant pain. I have to return to Wakefield next weekend to have an X-ray but I just feel some comfort in knowing something is getting sorted and the ball is rolling...Good old Wakey ey! Why did I ever move away?

Next week is my final week of 'student life' before life as a career gal begins and whilst i'm terrified about the new chapter in my life I am looking forward to the adventure that awaits.

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