THE WEEK #19 2015

Andy Warhol inspired liquor | Bun length hair | The Macbook is alive! | First time voter | #OOTD | A chair i'd like to sit in | Fond farewells | Midweek beverages | Rockin' a brunette barnet

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This week has been the week of lasts. On Monday I spent the afternoon with my Grandma before heading back to Liverpool for the final time as a student. After finding myself stood still on the train for over an hour due to delays (typical) I hot footed it to the Apple store to find out the verdict on my Macbook. Luck would have it that all of the faults were actually an Apple technology fault and I came away with a heavier purse than I anticipated. After the worry of having to perhaps buy a new laptop I now have a 4 year old Macbook with brand new software and components. Winner, winner chicken dinner!

I finalised my last university assignment, a 12 page magazine all about beauty - I'm pretty pleased with the outcome and whilst it is hardly the new Porter magazine it is a lot more professional than I thought that my rusty InDesign skills could ever produce.

I hit the polling station on Wednesday for the first time ever. I of course swerved the Liberal Democrats for their wrong doing that hit me with regards to tuition fee's and voted for a party that instead didn't get in.

Friday saw my last shift at the students union and I can't lie, I felt sadness. Over the last 20 months that I worked there as a receptionist and later digital content staff, I have met some truly awesome people with some incredible talent. I am sad to be leaving the reception desk but I am interested to start writing the next chapter of my life. To celebrate, a friend and I indulged in cocktails and scrummy burgers to toast what has been a trying but fun final year of university.

This weekend I spent at the dentist (again, I know) and was told the slightly rough news that a wisdom tooth operation may be on the cards later this year having had unsuccessful treatments for the pain. Alas, my parents treated to Elliot and I to some grub that afternoon which softened the blow somewhat...especially my Dad's home made sweet potato fries.

Tomorrow is day one. I am starting life in full time work and I am incredibly nervous about what the future has in store for a fresh outta uni gal like myself in the digital industry. As a nod towards leaving my student days behind, I coloured my hair brunette and I actually like it, it is shinier, softer and much less maintenance -  but don't hold your breath - you know how fickle I am when it comes to my hair.

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