THE WEEK #20 2015

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This week my life changed as I transitioned into 'not student' and 'not quite graduate' to 'full time worker.' When Monday morning rolled around, the nerves running through my body were insane as I suspiciously walked up the stairs and through the office door. 

I had so many worries and questions: Would people like me? Would I be any good? What if I hadn't got a clue what to do? It turns out that my first week as a content marketing exec hasn't been bad at all. No, I don't know everything and yes I have made a few mistakes this week however, the sheer amount of knowledge that has been sucked into my brain in a mere 5 days has been insane. It just so helps that my fellow workers are alright too and have helped me to settle in between the workload and banter. 

I have started watching Big Brother this week. I'm not usually a fan of the Z listers aka 'normal' people series however, my fan girling for Emma Willis changed my mind and I have quite enjoyed the 'Timebomb' theme that has been set for this years edition. My current favourite housemate is Harriet, I thought she was awesome when asked "What made you want to work in a cafe?" and she responded right on point with: "It's a f*kin job ain't it: - she has a point, these days you can't be choosy and if you can earn to put a roof over your head and food in your belly, who cares what your job title is.

This weekend I appreciated not being awoken by my 6am alarm and spent Saturday morning enjoying listening to the choppy water outside my boyfriends flat and chain drinking tea. The rest of the day was spent lazily soaking up the sun and venturing into town for a successful windowshop.

Today I am headed to a Christening, it's my opportunity to meet my boyfriends extended family and whilst i'm not the go to girl when it comes to babies i'm sure it will be a nice occasion.

Amongst my already pretty heavy TV schedual I have started to re watch 'One Tree Hill' and my crush on Chad Michael Murray has re ignited. Do any of you guys remember that show I can't believe it ran for a whole 9 series' and almost 10 years! It was my go to show on a Sunday back in the day.

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