THE WEEK #22 2015

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Bank holiday Monday was one of those action packed days whereby you end the day falling into a super deep slumber because of the fresh air and excitement. I spend the morning watching the 3 Cunard Queens enter the Mersey and put on a little show, much to thousands of peoples delights. After spending much of my time wrestling the crowds I eventually found a car park to stand on to get a better view - just as the Red Arrows passed over and Royal Britannia filled the air. As much as lot of Scroogey people out there moaned it's only a boat - amongst the spectacle it was a really lovely day to be British.

I rounded my Bank Holiday off with a catch up with one of my dearest friends Hannah who I met when I first started work at the students union. She's one of those friends who just 'gets me' and is one of the bubbliest women you would ever hope to meet. We discussed life in depth over a pizza and copious amount of ice cream and it was nice.

The rest of the week has been spent at work of course, creeping into my third week and finding my feet still. I received some uni grades back that nearly had my heart drop through the floor - they weren't good and i'm mortified because i'd worked tirelessly on the piece - it seems the tutor didn't like the direction i'd taken my piece in and gave me a seriously shit grade. As much as i'm gutted, I am so glad that my education days are over with, being constantly tested and at the constant mercy of somebody else' 'professional' decisions -No thanks, i'm definitely a do-er not a scholar and I thank my lucky stars everyday for the industry that I work in and my opportunity to be a part of it. School sucks. I know, I sound about 10 years old. 

On that little downer I spent yesterday morning in my bed feeling sorry for myself listening to old school No Doubt and writing blogs - that was until Elliot whisked me off to his Dad's birthday party and I spent the night drowning my sorrows with a G+T (or three) and having a dance. Today i'm kind of over it, no longer feeling like a battered peach and a trip to Five Guys is on the cards ( gee's if that can't help me I don't know what can.)

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