June, where did you go? I know, I say it all the time but it seems like an hour ago I was re planting my Christmas tree in the Peak District. This edition of monthly favourites is mainly about new discoveries, summertime essentials and products from across the pond. 

The fast tan: It was about time St Moriz upped their tanning game and brought us long time brand lovers something new. I was super excited to try the 'Fast self tan' as I am that gal who has last minute plans and never a golden glow to go with them. The non drying mousse develops in one hour for a light tan, three hours for a medium glow and if you're brave like me - all night for a super bronzed body.  

The natural lashes: In the summer when I find it difficult to make my eye make-up stay put and that includes mascara which usually ends up smudging down my cheeks. I have recently been opting for a light lashing of the Physicians Formula 'Lash boost mascara' a light and build-able mascara that stays put all day long without looking 'too much.'

The bright lippy: I saw the vlogger 'SunbeamsJess' wearing 'Heroine' by Mac and I knew that I had to have it. The way the beautiful, punchy purple sits against light eyes and paler skin is sort of goth sexy. The matte finish is comfortable without being too drying - think 'Ruby woo.' I will be talking all about the other reasons why I love this lippy next week if you fancy a read.

The versatile palette: Nude, matte eyeshadows are my thing at the moment. I love the wear they can be blended without being too much or too little. I have recently been using the 'In the City' palette from w7 a gorgeous combo of nude shadows and an absolute dupe for the Urban Decay 'Naked basics' palette. 

The light coverage: Tinted moisturiser was always a beauty product that was something my Mum used, never full coverage enough for my hormonal skin. In the warmer months I have been reaching for the dewy, moisturising formula from ESPA to give my skin a breather.

The multi purpose palette: My Aunt introduced me to the Physicians Formula 'Warm Nude' palette a multi use selection of shades for the cheeks and eyes. I love swirling my face brush in the shades to produce a sunkissed, dewy glow.


THE WEEK #26 2015

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Forgive me, i'm around 2 years too late on the bandwagon but how good is Orange is the new black? I decided to indulge in an episode or two last Monday and I have been addicted ever since. Following the lives and backstories of a number of women in prison I am currently watching the first series, rocketing through them to get to series 3 when absolute babe Ruby Rose makes her debut.

Some amazingly good news popped up this week, all though it doesn't feel it - I think many of the people who surround me are suffering from some sort of bad mood virus! I've been celebrating with Nando's (obviously) and an epic carvery of course any celebration begins and ends with food in my eyes!

My final university results are released tomorrow morning and as one of those people who despite doing their best have a mixed bag of grades - I'm very nervous. Tomorrow closes one of the longest chapters in my life, education and exam results and I am so freaking glad! In infant school I loved education and enjoyed it through to the beginning of high school until I realised I had a hell of a long time still ahead of me, by 21 I was fed up with essays, exams and grades. I just hope the most important number to date is a good one!

I can't quite believe that it is an entire year yesterday since I began my adventure in London. I dare say Timehop will be making me super jealous for the next two months as it reminds me of all of the fun that was had partying, working and exploring. 

This weekend I treated myself and shopped. It's not often I can justify spending a wedge on stuff but with three important birthday's looming and payday just gone - I went all out before collapsing onto some grass under the sunshine and listening to a live gospel choir.




Ah Physicians formula, a brand that I just wish would come to the UK. I have to get my PF fix through my Aunt who very kindly brings me some of their products whenever she flies over to visit our family. I was recently introduced to the 'Warm Nude' palette an all-in-1 collection of eye and cheek friendly shades. Dubbed one of the best palettes to travel with I was super excited to play around with the shades to see what could be achieved when using the versatile palette.

The super functional little palette comes with 12 co-ordinated, nude shades in a creamy, pearl finish. The packaging is pretty cool really as it opens like a story book with a large mirror, angled brush and tips and tricks hidden behind the powders. 

I first used the shades for an all over face glow swirling my angled brush into the middle section to pick up the peachy, bronze and creamy shades before sweeping them across my cheeks. The colour pay off is pretty awesome, despite initial thoughts that they would be too shimmery.

I also used the shades as eye shadows which also worked really nicely, blending softly with a nice pigment. The lighter, highlight shades have to be my favourite as they are champagne toned and flattering around lighter eyes. PF state that the bottom shades can be used as eyeliner but I feel there is a little too much shimmer in them for that purpose.

I think this palette would be the perfect colour selection to take on holiday to enhance your sun-kissed glow whether that be on your cheeks to bronze and highlight or on the eyelids to create warmth and depth around the eye.



When my 6am alarm starts blaring a horrible tune at me, I often roll over and snooze the darn thing immediately - sometimes this has gotten me into a little bit of trouble when my snooze lasts for 20 minutes and I have a mere 15 minutes to make my face look somewhat human and run out of the door.

For times like these I keep my make-up super simple starting by applying the ESPA 'Tinted moisturiser' with my fingers all over the parts of my face with an uneven pigmentation. The light coverage is enough to keep my skin look fresh and dewy - eradicating that pale, dull skin that appears when you first get out of bed.

I tame my brows with the Lacura beauty brow pencil, coming them through firstly using  the bristled end and then creating a defined arch with the soft pencil. A quick lashing of my all time favourite mascara by Kate Moss for Rimmel to open up my tired peepers and I am pretty much go to go. Of course a generous spritz of the uplifting 'Stella' by Stella McCartney scent and I feel a little more human - in just under 5 minutes!



There was once a time some five years ago when I would use my Sony Walkman phone to take a picture of a lipstick propped up against my window ledge - no thought was given about lighting, clarity or positioning, it was just a picture of something I wanted to talk about. 

As the years have passed, GGMH grew from a blog that only my Grandad read, to fairly popular, to not very popular at all as the shiny, polished and aspirational URLs whizzed passed me. Blogging has become extremely big business for brands and bloggers alike, i've heard through the grapevine that some bloggers are charging up to £2,000 to feature a sample product! 

There was a time when I blogged every day - all whilst juggling A Levels and then later on a degree and I loved it however, I always had a mental note stashed away in my mind that once I had landed a full time job I would pack it all in. Well, these days I am working full time and I still can't bring myself to never click 'write new post' again. There's just something about my little online diary documenting my life from being 17 to 21 that comforts me, if I gave up on GGMH i'd be giving up a whole chunk of myself too. I've had some amazing experiences come my way through my blog and met some fantastic people - if I were to give up today, I might be throwing away 100 more opportunities. 

Since the end of my third year of uni loomed and I started full time work, I've scaled my blog down to four posts a week, three beauty and fashion based and one more personal in the format of 'The Week' - it really has become a more quality over quantity concept. I want you guys to have something decent to read that I have enjoyed writing rather than whacking something up to compete with the daily bloggers. 

The truth is, blogging isn't my full time job, it doesn't pay me a penny. I just write for those who like to check back and read and I write for myself to keep my writing sharp. I write a lot of blogs for a living and sometimes the last thing I feel like doing at 7pm at night is start writing my own. 

To manage my time I take all of my blog pictures on a Saturday morning and write a few posts after work in the week so that my weekends are free'd up to not actually be hammering the keyboard as much. In the past I have become stressed that I am not tending to my blog in my every spare minute however, these days i'm more relaxed about it. 

At the end of the day i'm hardly a Zoella of the world whereby people get annoyed if I miss a day and I guess the point here is, if you've realised (like myself) that your blog is never going to become your meal ticket  - chill out about it and keep it fun like it used to be.


THE WEEK #25 2015

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Another week flow by in the blink of an eye and now we are finding ourselves in the 'summertime' as July races forwards. This week I managed to counteract the dissapointment from some of my final year grades with a sparkling 1st on my final project - a condensed beauty magazine. I have to say seeing the mark was like receiving a comforting hug, it spoke to me in a way that said: "You aren't that bad at this." The effort required in writing and designing an entire magazine is immense and to see the result pay off I feel better about my abilities again. I'm one of those people who are either really good at something or really bad and this was one of the really good ones.
I have a bizzare thought process fairly regularly whereby things that I think about and summerise always end up happening exactly as I had thought them - it happened again recently with a situation that I had thought about in great depth over 6 weeks ago. I'm not sure if I am just overly critical of situations I don't like and over analyse any problems that potentially manifest and when they coincidentally do, I tell myself 'I told you so' or I am just a plain spooky person. Does anybody else have similar experiences? I wish I could stop it, it's almost like by thinking about something I bring it on!
A small part of my job is to outreach to bloggers and arrange potential product reviews and from being a blogger I have now experienced both sides of the coin - being outreached too and outreaching. This week I had a situation that really opened my eyes to what some bloggers can behave like and their correspondane to companies. I came away from my desk feeling shocked and a little bit hurt, I thought our community was a happy place of rainbows. It has given me an education that is for certain. It's easy to get keyboard happy when the person isn't infront of you but it's always good to remember that behind an email address is a human with feelings.
Father's Day weekend pulled me back to my roots this weekend and i'm so glad as it has been a much welcomed break. I've been struggling with myself recently i've found myself in some impossible situations not knowing how to move forward. I think I have a plan of action though and i'm hoping to put it into fruition asap. To celebrate my Dad we headed out for a meal which gave me an excuse to pile my quiff high, wear my favourite lippy and forget about my frustrations.
Time with family always helps, they remind you of who you are and where you have come from. I looked through photo albums of my 21 years of life and saw a 6 year old, long haired brunette with big blue eyes and rememberd i'm Hollie and this is what i've achieved.



I find myself living out of a bag most weekends and travelling with my chunky make-up bag or my four drawer make-up storage would be a little challenging to say the least when I usually carry my stuff around in a backpack. For one or two night stays I like to travel light with my make-up.

My little, black cat make-up bag is from Primark and is the cutest little thing embellished with jewels and shiny applique. For my base I carry my Almay 'Smart Shade' foundation, the packaging is pretty leak resistant and sits flat against my other products. The coverage is medium build-able and adapts to the pigmentation in your skin which is perfect for any red, purple and pink tones.

To add a little warmth to my face I use my Bobbi Brown multi purpose shadow in the shade 'Rose Shimmer' and apply it to the apples of my cheeks. The pigmented powder is perfect for a sunkissed, glow, it's dewy, light and very easily blend-able.

For brows I use the darkest shade in the w7 'In the city palette' before defining with the Lacura beauty brow pencil in the shade brown. Using the same palette I apply the light, mocha shade all over my lid before adding definition with the more chocolatey brown shade, pulling it through my socket line and under my lower lash line. The black eye liner pencil again, from Lacura beauty is a buttery, smooth formula which can be smudged along the lash-line with the handy blending sponge on the end of the pencil. For mascara the w7 'Flirty Lash' is the perfect formula for building and volumising the lashes whilst keeping them full and separated.

To brighten the entire make-up look I use my favourite, punch pink shade 'As you want Victoria' by Rimmel. The super moisturising formula sits comfortably on the lips looking glossy and bright.



Okay, I know these guys look suspiciously similar to some products that you might have seen before but let me take the time to give them the benefit of the doubt - packaging aside these four are awesome and I shall tell you why.

They are brought to all hair care fiends by Carino beauty which is available at Aldi I have been giving both the Moisture range* and the Mighty range* a whirl. As most of you know since deciding to give up the hair colour saga and stay brunette I have been focusing on my hair condition and have been trying to use as many products as possible to care for my hair to help it grow healthily. 

The Moisturise products contain native macadamia oil from Australia which adds shine and nourishment to the hair. Both the shampoo and conditioner of this range contain Aloe Vera and are intended for dry and damaged hair. Starting with the shampoo it lathers nicely and isn't too heavy in the hair it smells pretty fruity too. The conditioner is a medium density consistency that again isn't too heavy in the hair and when left on for 15 minutes leaves the hair incredibly soft. 

The Mighty products contain extract of kangaroo paw flower to add life and shine to the hair, they are intended for everyday use and great for anybody with normal, natural hair that needs some extra shine added in every wash. Again the consistency of the products aren't weighty and because of this I like to mix the two conditioners together for extra shine and softness.

If you're looking for an 'Aussie' dupe for a seriously affordable price I highly recommend both of these Carino hair care ranges. 



I think that i've entered another phase of colour - look at all that going on! I've always been one of those people who mixes clashing patterns and colours in a way that my friends ask why? but I quite like the contrast, something a bit Fearne about it all. My place of work is pretty liberal when it comes to 'what to wear' so the above are all outfits that I have worn throughout my working week.

Outfit one: This was a little ensemble that I threw on when my wardrobe was looking vastly uninspiring one Monday morning at 6am. I paired my Rolling Stones t shirt with black skinny jeans from Topshop (Joni's) and my Firetrap buckle boots and grey swing cardigan from H+M. On my lips I have MAC 'Ruby Woo' to contrast the red in my t-shirt.

Outfit Two: Now here is a mess of colours and patterns. I have a grey t shirt from Primark at the very bottom of the layering with a black and white vest top over that which is from Primark also. Over the top of the whole lot I have my checkered Abercrombie shirt. The office where I work can get a bit chilly sometimes so I like to layer up to keep warm. My leggings are from H+M and I wore this outfit with plain black pumps from New Look.

Outfit Three: Whenever I look at this jumper I feel annoyed. I bought it from a vintage store in Amsterdam and it was huge, snuggly and oversized and then it shrunk and now it would fit a size 6-8 which certainly ain't me so I have to make it work in other ways. Underneath I layered a sheer, black shirt with a studded colour from Zara to compensate for the short sleeves. And again I am wearing my Topshop Joni jeans. 

Outfit Four: This outfit was inspired my a picture that popped up on my Timehop from 4 years ago. I bought the love heart print dress from Topshop one Valentine's day and kind of neglected it ever since. I wore it on this occasion with black tights, my Kurt Geiger slippers and Primark leather jacket. I think the burgundy, velvet choker around my neck gives this whole look a 90's vibe.



Ever since I discovered MAC make-up when I was 17, I have been slowly adding to my collection of products which now houses everything from Studio Fix Fluid foundation to Rubenesque paint pot and 'Heroine' matte lipstick. My first dabble with collections was back in 2010 when 'A Tartan Tale' adorned the counters with it's emerald and gold check packaging.

'MAC is beauty' is the latest collection that holds a large collection of twelve lipsticks amongst eyeshadows, fluid-lines, eyeshadows, lip-glosses, brushes, face powers and nail lacquers. The collection is based around a polished yet creative make-up from the 1950's and 60's. 

Last Thursday I was invited to the Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar in Liverpool One to try the collection and experiment with the looks. The MAC is beauty area was set up like a 50's salon with a bright pink backdrop and models sporting a polished make-up look.

I opted to try the 'Doll me up' nail lacquer, a beautiful pastel green that looks especially gorgeous on shorter nails. Whilst chatting to make-up artist Rachel (who actually trained under Sam and Nic of Pixiwoo!) I sipped on vodka and pink lemonade cocktails and dainty finger cakes. Rachel asked me about my favourite make-up looks, which of course is all about the smokey eye and got to work.

The Eyes: On my eyes Rachel started with base using 'Brassy' a beautiful antique gold fluid-line before packing 'Bouffant' a peach shadow over the top to achieve a beautiful rose gold, shimmery lid. To my surprise I finally found myself within touching distance of the infamous 'Sketch' - a deep aubergine that looks fabulously dramatic when blended through the socket-line. For a perfect feline flick Rachel used 'Black-track' gel liner before keeping my waterline light with the 'I get no kick' pencil. 

The Skin: To keep my skin looking fresh and dewy against such a smokey eye Rachel used NC25 Mineralise Concealer and the most beautiful highlighter i've ever seen. (Yes even better than 'Soft and gentle' ) 'Pearl Blossom' beauty powder gives the skin the most fabulous dewy glow that looks radiant and bright and when paired with 'Alpha Girl' a peachy blush my cheeks looked amazing.  

To finish the look, Rachel used 'Spice' lip liner one of the most sort after nudes of the moment with 'On the scene' lip glass to add gloss, shine and dimension to the lips.


THE WEEK #24 2015

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This week has been like living in a tumble drier, so much life junk mixed up into one big ball. One thing that has been awesome though is the sunshine, feeling the warm air tickling my skin on my dinner break and seeing a few more freckles displacing themselves across my cheeks. BLISSFUL.

On Thursday I attended the #MACisbeauty event in relation to their latest Spring/Summer collection - if you fancy having a look at some of the products from the line then check back tomorrow for the full story.

I've been really enjoying mixing up my clothes again this week - if you're a long time reader of GGMH you'll be wise to some of my more questionable outfits from over the years. Since hitting my 20's I haven't really experimented with clothes as much as I would have liked and I knew that my wacky array of printed trousers, sequin blazers just have to have their moment again.

This weekend has been a quiet one, no fancy plans just relaxing, eating delicious home made food and sorting my life laundry. Next week i'm headed back to my hometown to catch up with family and give myself a little R+R. 



My make-up bag for June consists of the following favourites. A mix of colour with a durable base for when the warmer weather causes my make-up to slip.

I start with my all time favourite primer the Dr Murad 'Skin perfecting Primer' a slightly tinted, silky base that evens out the skintone before the application of foundation or BB/CC creams. I have been using my slightly heavier coverage foundation from Collection - 'The Lasting Perfection' that is my all time favourite drugstore foundation. The build-able coverage has eradicated the need for any concealing which is a nice feeling as I sometimes feel like I am ruled by the concealer stick.

I love a light, warm glow and that is exactly what the St Moriz bronzing powder offers - a light dusting of colour swept over the cheeks and temples. To maintain a summer glow I like to sweep a highlight over the cheeks to compliment the bronze.

Aside a tan I feel like the blue in my eyes really stands out so I have been dabbling with colour in the form of green shadow. Mac 'Green Smoke' and 'Metallic Khaki' from L'Oreal to be precise. A light sweeping of colour all over the lid or sometimes simply under the lower lash line. I add some lash drama with the NYC 'Big, bold, curl' mascara which does exactly what it says on the tin. 



Last weekend I needed to get my dancing shoes on. Having had a major wardrobe spring clean I had parted with some of my scuffed heeled wedges that would carry me down the cobbles on various nights out. 

I saw the striped, cut away block heels in Primark and the quirky side of me just knew that I had to have them. They were a steal at £14 and with the aid of a 'Party Feet' gel cushion insanely comfortable. They look clumsy and insane but that's what I like about them, a great mix of a shoe boot, wedge and the popular t-bar shoe. 

I found the bag in TK Maxx. I had also parted with a number of grubby looking clutch bags that were either too big or too impractical for when you want your arms free to dance the night away. The detailing on this bag is ace, little black studs hide a subtle leopard print pattern. Inside the bag is big enough to fit cards, cash, phone, camera and make-up essentials. The strap is long and the bag is small enough to be discreet and un-clunky (is that a word?) aside an LBD.



Here is me a reformed hair dye addict using softer products to achieve coloured hair. Who'd have thought huh? I bought this 'Colour Effect's wash in- wash out conditioning colour for £1.29 (I remember when they were 99p!) at Superdrug. It is not a hair colourant but rather a product that adds warm tones and shimmer to the hair.

They're intended for use on damp hair but I never apply any hair colourant or toner to damp hair as I feel the result isn't as noticeable when used in this way. I apply the thick, gel consistency to dry hair and leave it for as long as possible for optimum results. I wouldn't say that the formula is terribly conditioning, in fact probably on the contrary I feel like when using the product I need to add a little more conditioning treatment after rinsing.  

These little colour shots are 'your hair colour, but better' and are really noticeable in the light. 'Rich warm brown adds chocolatey highlights to my hair and the results usually stick around for around 3 washes. I use this once a week to maintain a glossy brunette and if you don't want to dabble with semi or permanent dye's then these are your guy.


THE WEEK #23 2015

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This week has been one of 'getting into a routine' I feel like I finally have my new routine nailed and for a creature of habit like myself - that makes me feel pretty happy. This weekend I have spent close to home (Who'd have thought that i'd ever call Liverpool home?) and despite one more exam result knock-back I have tried to take it all in my stride, if i'm crap at exams then so be it. I have my health, a job, my own flat a lovely bunch of friends and family and I choose not to be defined by a rubbish mark on a piece of paper. Phewf yeaaah!

The most part of Saturday was spent with my friend Laura of the lifestyle blog 'Laura's Haven' - the jammy gal is about to head off on a 3 week European experience seeing the sights, a sort of 'Eat, Pray Love' scenario. We caught up over lunch at Cafe Rouge a nice chat and a hearty bowl of French onion soup always sets the world to rights. After I wished her luck on her pending adventure and we parted ways - I found myself in the Harvey Nicholls beauty bazaar buying a lippy that I have lusted after for so long. Mac - Heroine a matte, juicy purple. 

My obsession with cruise ships continued this week as yet another big ass boat docked on the Mersey, I believe it's the one Kate Middleton named a few years ago. There has been an outdoor music festival tickling the sound-waves of the city, sadly the weather yesterday afternoon was rubbishy however Elliot and I braved the gale force winds and cheered some of the acts on.

Today is a day of firsts, I am actually going to the gym for the first time in over a year, realising that I have only two months until my holiday in Ibiza I guess that extra helping of cottage pie needs to come off my waistline somehow. JOY!



I am amidst a love affair with w7 products at the moment and with most products under £8 that is very good news for my purse.

This year I talked about these goodies from the range - the Angel Eyes palette being one of my most heavily travelled and used shadow collections of all time. I do think that I have indeed found its competitor in the form of the 'In the city' palette. 

Six, matte, buttery, highly pigmented shadows for £4.50 and presented in a gorgeous little tin - I don't know what it is but i've always had a 'thing' for tins. I love the blocky text and branding of this product and the shadows as I anticipated are ah-mazing. 

I use the darkest brown shade on my brows and mix and match different eye shadow combos with the other 5 shades. This palette is perfect for popping in your handbag for at work touch-ups of for travelling when you don't have the capacity to carry larger palettes (think UDNP) or many invidiual shadows.



Alongside jewellery, i'd say perfume is another guilty pleasure of mine. I love how my mood can change with spritz of some scent and how memories come flooding back whenever I smell certain perfume. Think 'Alien' by Theirry Mugler - it reminds me of being 17, learning to drive and thinking I was a cool gal in the sixth form common room.

My signature scent is 'Cinema' by YSL which if you have been a long time reader of GGMH you'll have seen me talk about it numerous times. Whilst that is my go to scent I have a few more that tickle my pickle. 'Naughty Alice' by Vivienne Westwood is a woody/floral scent that I have been wearing for around 5 years. It is a heavy scent that is sexy and flirty whilst being sweet and innocent at the same time.

'Stella' by Stella McCartney is one of my 'grown up' scents and one that I wear in the summer. The rosey, fresh scent is super sexy and one that is worn by a number of fashion designers and make-up artists. 

Burberry 'Body' reminds me of my summer interning in London. It reminds me of buying it in the Regent Street flagship store and a summer of adventures. The woody/musky scent is sexy and packed with plenty of attitude. I like to wear this perfume if i'm headed into a meeting or a special occasion.



I was very excited when I caught wind that St Moriz were releasing a rapid self tanning mousse. With full time work I struggle to have the energy to apply tan mid week and I am certainly not fond of setting my alarm to ring 10 minutes earlier than 6am so that I can rinse off my tan.

The 'Fast Self Tanning Mousse' allows you to get the glow in just 60mins - perfect for spontaneous evenings out or if you are planning to wear those frayed, denim shorts when the weather heats up. 

This tanning mousse gives you the freedom to personalise the darkness of your tan, leave it on for 1hr for a light glow, 2hrs for a medium glow and 3hrs or more for a deeper tan. The formula contains olive milk and vitamin E to help banish dry skin and applies smoothly and light to the skin. 

I like to leave my tan to develop for the maximum time to achieve darker results as I am naturally a relation of Casper. I think this was the right next move for St Moriz to continue to rein the budget tanning market. You can purchase the 'Fast Self Tanning Mousse' for £5.99 (watch those prices creeping up SM) at Boots and other beauty supply stores.

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