When my 6am alarm starts blaring a horrible tune at me, I often roll over and snooze the darn thing immediately - sometimes this has gotten me into a little bit of trouble when my snooze lasts for 20 minutes and I have a mere 15 minutes to make my face look somewhat human and run out of the door.

For times like these I keep my make-up super simple starting by applying the ESPA 'Tinted moisturiser' with my fingers all over the parts of my face with an uneven pigmentation. The light coverage is enough to keep my skin look fresh and dewy - eradicating that pale, dull skin that appears when you first get out of bed.

I tame my brows with the Lacura beauty brow pencil, coming them through firstly using  the bristled end and then creating a defined arch with the soft pencil. A quick lashing of my all time favourite mascara by Kate Moss for Rimmel to open up my tired peepers and I am pretty much go to go. Of course a generous spritz of the uplifting 'Stella' by Stella McCartney scent and I feel a little more human - in just under 5 minutes!

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