Last weekend I needed to get my dancing shoes on. Having had a major wardrobe spring clean I had parted with some of my scuffed heeled wedges that would carry me down the cobbles on various nights out. 

I saw the striped, cut away block heels in Primark and the quirky side of me just knew that I had to have them. They were a steal at £14 and with the aid of a 'Party Feet' gel cushion insanely comfortable. They look clumsy and insane but that's what I like about them, a great mix of a shoe boot, wedge and the popular t-bar shoe. 

I found the bag in TK Maxx. I had also parted with a number of grubby looking clutch bags that were either too big or too impractical for when you want your arms free to dance the night away. The detailing on this bag is ace, little black studs hide a subtle leopard print pattern. Inside the bag is big enough to fit cards, cash, phone, camera and make-up essentials. The strap is long and the bag is small enough to be discreet and un-clunky (is that a word?) aside an LBD.

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