THE WEEK #23 2015

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This week has been one of 'getting into a routine' I feel like I finally have my new routine nailed and for a creature of habit like myself - that makes me feel pretty happy. This weekend I have spent close to home (Who'd have thought that i'd ever call Liverpool home?) and despite one more exam result knock-back I have tried to take it all in my stride, if i'm crap at exams then so be it. I have my health, a job, my own flat a lovely bunch of friends and family and I choose not to be defined by a rubbish mark on a piece of paper. Phewf yeaaah!

The most part of Saturday was spent with my friend Laura of the lifestyle blog 'Laura's Haven' - the jammy gal is about to head off on a 3 week European experience seeing the sights, a sort of 'Eat, Pray Love' scenario. We caught up over lunch at Cafe Rouge a nice chat and a hearty bowl of French onion soup always sets the world to rights. After I wished her luck on her pending adventure and we parted ways - I found myself in the Harvey Nicholls beauty bazaar buying a lippy that I have lusted after for so long. Mac - Heroine a matte, juicy purple. 

My obsession with cruise ships continued this week as yet another big ass boat docked on the Mersey, I believe it's the one Kate Middleton named a few years ago. There has been an outdoor music festival tickling the sound-waves of the city, sadly the weather yesterday afternoon was rubbishy however Elliot and I braved the gale force winds and cheered some of the acts on.

Today is a day of firsts, I am actually going to the gym for the first time in over a year, realising that I have only two months until my holiday in Ibiza I guess that extra helping of cottage pie needs to come off my waistline somehow. JOY!

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