THE WEEK #24 2015

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This week has been like living in a tumble drier, so much life junk mixed up into one big ball. One thing that has been awesome though is the sunshine, feeling the warm air tickling my skin on my dinner break and seeing a few more freckles displacing themselves across my cheeks. BLISSFUL.

On Thursday I attended the #MACisbeauty event in relation to their latest Spring/Summer collection - if you fancy having a look at some of the products from the line then check back tomorrow for the full story.

I've been really enjoying mixing up my clothes again this week - if you're a long time reader of GGMH you'll be wise to some of my more questionable outfits from over the years. Since hitting my 20's I haven't really experimented with clothes as much as I would have liked and I knew that my wacky array of printed trousers, sequin blazers just have to have their moment again.

This weekend has been a quiet one, no fancy plans just relaxing, eating delicious home made food and sorting my life laundry. Next week i'm headed back to my hometown to catch up with family and give myself a little R+R. 

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