THE WEEK #25 2015

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Another week flow by in the blink of an eye and now we are finding ourselves in the 'summertime' as July races forwards. This week I managed to counteract the dissapointment from some of my final year grades with a sparkling 1st on my final project - a condensed beauty magazine. I have to say seeing the mark was like receiving a comforting hug, it spoke to me in a way that said: "You aren't that bad at this." The effort required in writing and designing an entire magazine is immense and to see the result pay off I feel better about my abilities again. I'm one of those people who are either really good at something or really bad and this was one of the really good ones.
I have a bizzare thought process fairly regularly whereby things that I think about and summerise always end up happening exactly as I had thought them - it happened again recently with a situation that I had thought about in great depth over 6 weeks ago. I'm not sure if I am just overly critical of situations I don't like and over analyse any problems that potentially manifest and when they coincidentally do, I tell myself 'I told you so' or I am just a plain spooky person. Does anybody else have similar experiences? I wish I could stop it, it's almost like by thinking about something I bring it on!
A small part of my job is to outreach to bloggers and arrange potential product reviews and from being a blogger I have now experienced both sides of the coin - being outreached too and outreaching. This week I had a situation that really opened my eyes to what some bloggers can behave like and their correspondane to companies. I came away from my desk feeling shocked and a little bit hurt, I thought our community was a happy place of rainbows. It has given me an education that is for certain. It's easy to get keyboard happy when the person isn't infront of you but it's always good to remember that behind an email address is a human with feelings.
Father's Day weekend pulled me back to my roots this weekend and i'm so glad as it has been a much welcomed break. I've been struggling with myself recently i've found myself in some impossible situations not knowing how to move forward. I think I have a plan of action though and i'm hoping to put it into fruition asap. To celebrate my Dad we headed out for a meal which gave me an excuse to pile my quiff high, wear my favourite lippy and forget about my frustrations.
Time with family always helps, they remind you of who you are and where you have come from. I looked through photo albums of my 21 years of life and saw a 6 year old, long haired brunette with big blue eyes and rememberd i'm Hollie and this is what i've achieved.

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