THE WEEK #26 2015

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Forgive me, i'm around 2 years too late on the bandwagon but how good is Orange is the new black? I decided to indulge in an episode or two last Monday and I have been addicted ever since. Following the lives and backstories of a number of women in prison I am currently watching the first series, rocketing through them to get to series 3 when absolute babe Ruby Rose makes her debut.

Some amazingly good news popped up this week, all though it doesn't feel it - I think many of the people who surround me are suffering from some sort of bad mood virus! I've been celebrating with Nando's (obviously) and an epic carvery of course any celebration begins and ends with food in my eyes!

My final university results are released tomorrow morning and as one of those people who despite doing their best have a mixed bag of grades - I'm very nervous. Tomorrow closes one of the longest chapters in my life, education and exam results and I am so freaking glad! In infant school I loved education and enjoyed it through to the beginning of high school until I realised I had a hell of a long time still ahead of me, by 21 I was fed up with essays, exams and grades. I just hope the most important number to date is a good one!

I can't quite believe that it is an entire year yesterday since I began my adventure in London. I dare say Timehop will be making me super jealous for the next two months as it reminds me of all of the fun that was had partying, working and exploring. 

This weekend I treated myself and shopped. It's not often I can justify spending a wedge on stuff but with three important birthday's looming and payday just gone - I went all out before collapsing onto some grass under the sunshine and listening to a live gospel choir.

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