A few summer time favourites for the month of July. The weather has been up and down some days were spent under the scorching hot sunshine and other cowering under an umbrella (Ahem graduation) I've been sleeping under the stars, celebrating birthday's and recovering from a huge blow but all in all, July has been pretty alright. 

The base: With a few special events this month, I needed my make-up to stay put. I have been enjoying using the Almay 'Smart shade primer'  a blend of pigment blurring shades to counteract an uneven skin tone and redness. 

The colour wash: Who doesn't love a wash of a sheer,summery shade on the old peepers? Rubenesque from Mac is a paint pot that glides beautifully on the lids and can be left as the showstopper or built with colour for a more vivid look.

The pop of pink: Every summer I reach for 'Brighton Rock' from Topshop the punchy pink is the perfect accompaniment to neutral make-up and brightens up the face.

The colour catcher: I have been using the Redken 'Colour extend' spray religiously for the past month. The formula is intended to keep coloured hair nourished and locked whilst preventing any snapping from colour damage. 

The lash builder: Jica lash changed my life and I can't imagine my peepers without it. The tiny fibres cling to the mascara and make your lashes look 100% fuller. It is non irritating and the results are pretty darn awesome.

The skin saviour:If you read THIS post you'll know that I am a huge fan of KORE skincare, a luxury skincare brand that is new to the UK. One of the stand out products is this 'Restorative cream' which is a luscious, highly moisturising formula suitable for all skin type. 



Back when GGMH was a baby, sometime in 2010 and my 'tagline' was 'leopard print lover,' my logo was leopard print and my background was leopard print I was and still am today a leopard print fiend.

I spotted these leopard lovelies in Zara, they're faux fur and exceptionally comfy. I like to wear them with black skinny jeans or with a skater dress and tights. With a leather jacket they are given a bit of punch and with a pair of indigo jeans they are kept casual.



If I had to wear one shade of eyeshadow for the rest of my life, it would most certainly be green. The best colour for accentuating my light grey/green/blue eyes and the most dramatic pairing with voluminous, black lashes. 

My favourite shade is 'Green smoke' by Mac - a sheer, slightly shimmery shade that looks beautiful washed over the lids lightly or built up for more drama. On days where I want a more true green shade on my peepers 'Khaki' from No.7 at Boots is a buttery soft shadow that looks great with black kohl. 

Palettes often include a beautiful shade of emerald and forest green, the 'Front cover' palette from Boots has a lovely collection of greens, all of which look gorgeous when blended together. The 'W7 'Angel Eyes' palette is also a goody and a great budget alternative.


THE WEEK #30 2015

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After the previous weekend of R+R, it was hard waking up on Monday morning back in the smoggy city and finding the motivation to get out of bed at 06:20am. Once in the swing of things I found myself eating unlimited BBQ food at Viva Brazil in Liverpool. It's one of those place where they come round with the skewer of delicious, fresh meat to accompany a plate full of unlimited salad. Garlic steak, brazilian sausages, and minted lamb were all washed out with a giant glass of G+T and good company. 

Later in the week I found myself reliving the life and times of 13/14 year old me. Who remembers striped gloves? Studded belts? An alternative shop called Grin? Yeah, I headed into Grin to find some incense and it took me back to wearing chequered scarfs that looked like tea towels (based on the 80's New Romantics era) and heavy duty 'New Rock' boots.  I would hang out in a store named 'Hellraiser' and sport black lipstick. I can't imagine what my parents thought but they let me do my thing and I guess I turned out alright.

This weekend is the only weekend for a good 5 weeks that I have nothing on, so I celebrated that by pigging out on pizza, watching music documentaries and switching my phone OFF. It's been nice to just relax and not have to think about anything other than when am I making the next brew?

Song of the week has to be 'Cause' i'm a man' from Tame Impala and the funniest moment of the week has to be from Corrie, did anybody else see Tim shaking an empty bottle of brown sauce?



Outfits for mid to the end of July, a whole mix here as the weather has just been so darn unpredictable. One day I am sat in the blistering sunshine and the next i'm cowering in a shop doorway escaping the rain.

Outfit one: This red dress is one that I whip out when a crisis is going on. When I need a showstopper, a pick me up or a pop of colour to cheer me up. My red skater dress was a barginous £5 from Primark and goes with almost everything, especially a red lip. I paired it with my Kurt Geiger slippers  and opaque black tights.

Outfit two: A more work friendly choice, my bodycon dress is from Zara, and I have one in grey and also the olive green one you can see in the picture. I paired it with a grey cardigan from H+M and a plain gold chain that I inherited from my Nana. Again, the KG slippers came out again.

Outfit three: One for the weekend, my ripped knee, Joni jeans are from Topshop and they are paired with grecian sandals from the 'Butterfly' by Matthew Williamson range. My leopard print cardigan is from TK Maxx and my striped, racer back tank top is from Primark. The necklace you can see is my crescent moon choker from Primark.

Outfit four: Rocking some wildly printed trousers from Matalan. These loose trousers are a treat in the hotter weather. I paired them with my black sliders  and a thin, black jumper from H+M. My black heart necklace is vintage and again I am wearing my crescent moon choker.



When the season to drape maxi dresses and denim shorts over our bodies appears I always panic slightly that my transparent skin tone is something to stare at. Back in the olden days I would be considered 'wealthy' and 'desirable' for my pale skin - these days if you aren't the colour of Michelle Keegan your Instagram isn't worth looking at. Sad but true.

I maintain a weekly tanning routine that involves the usual exfoliating and moisturising every two days before I apply two layers of the St Moriz 'Fast self tan' (leaving it on for up to 7 hours obviously because i'm hardcore!) In between using self tan I top up my glow with an old favourite the Dove 'Summer glow' I remember this stuff appearing when blogging was just a small fry business. I have the medium to dark variant which I believe helps my skin to take to the pigment more. 

It's probable that I smell like a digestive biscuit 98% of the time but the sunkissed glow is worth it - without the health implications of a real tan!



I've been playing around with colour for the past few weeks and enjoying clashing, bright shades of yellow and gold (A serious nod to the 1970's colour palette.) The sunnier weather has inspired me to move away from the dark kohl liner and 'Green smoke' shadow from Mac - instead my skin is dewy and fresh and my eyes are full of colour.

I start with my base, Dr Jart BB cream which gives me a light coverage, balmy and dewy and required no effort at all. I then add some sculpture to my cheeks using the infamous Bourjois 'Chocolate box bronzer' a warm, semi matte powder, this paired with the 'lit from within' glow given by 'Soft and Gentle' highlighter from Mac gives for the perfect summer skin. 

On my eyes I have been using the MUA 'Going for gold palette' opting for the bright mustardy- yellow shade (top right) all over my lids with the bright true gold shade in the inner corners of my eyes and swept under the lower lash line. To add drama to the bold, bright colours I give my lashes three coats of the Models Own 'Volume Eyes' mascara.


THE WEEK #29 2015

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This week I graduated. Monday morning began with a torrential downpour - the worst weather in weeks, typical. I apprehensively stood in line to collect my cap and gown, official certificate in my hand. I had been waiting for this moment pretty much throughout my entire schooling. As I was guided into the heavy cloak and the mortarboard was clipped securely to my hair, I finally felt like i'd done it. University hasn't been easy for me on both a personal and academic level, I have struggled with homesickness, successes, failures, deaths, break-ups, the lot and I reminisced deeply as I stood on the star, chin slightly raised, eyes forward for the picture that will adorn my families mantlepieces and define my university career.

The ceremony was special, there were one or two moments where I had to swallow hard as I clapped the successes of my fellow graduants in the overwhelming and splendid cathedral. Seeing the pride on my Mum and Dad's faces was special, this was their first graduation too and I could tell it was important to get it right. As I waited in the queue to hear my name called and to shake hands with the honorary fellows and dignitaries, the butterflies in my stomach whirled, i'd seen this moment on films and now it was me sealing the deal. What was particularly lovely was that I walked out of the cathedral with my friend James of whom I met at the first interview sometime in February 2012 and had been in all of my classes ever since. I couldn't have wished for a better person to sign this journalism gig off with.

After throwing my cap in the air and indulging in strawberries and champagne my family and I headed to the Philharmonic dining rooms for a debrief and a spot of lunch. My Dad and I remembered the nights I would call him when I was terrified of a horrendous individual that I lived with in halls, the times I padded the streets 'Vox popping' and late night library struggles. In the evening we headed for food at Alma de Cuba whereby copious cocktails were drank and the most delicious food i've ever had in my life was devoured. Graduation was pretty special and a truly treasured memory.

This weekend has been spent (for the most part) in a tent. In a bid to relive some childhood memories the coast was calling and since i've never been camping what better way to divulge in the fresh sea air than on top of a cliff? Fish and chips, check. The chintzy lights of the arcades where I would bleed my Dad and Grandpa's pockets dry as a youngster. It was good to remember what simple pleasures I loved - especially when one feels a little lost.

It's odd when it's all over. In high school you look to completing GCSE's and moving to college where A levels rule your world, then comes university and the degree but after the hat has been thrown in the air and your foot is on the career ladder, what milestone comes next? 



My skin is so unpredictable, that after so long a stable cleansing routine results in break-outs, dry patches, oily patches and the whole thing looks a mess. In the run up to my graduation I wanted my skin to look its best for the all important picture for the mantlepiece holding that fake scroll. 

I was recently introduced to KORE skincare, an Australian brand that has recently launched here in the UK. Having had press coverage in The Times and attracted the interest of few beauty bloggers, I wanted to try the 'superior skincare' that is blended with a 'KORE complex,' natural ingredients, is paraben free and developed without any form of animal testing. 

KORE introduced me to their 'Luxury starter travel pack*'' aka the KORE '7 wonders' which includes the Foaming cleanser, Pearl Optimal repair cream, Pearl intensive serum, Restorative day cream, Repairing eye cream and the Pearl Revitalising toner. Each miniature contains enough products for 14 days worth of use and I have to say i've managed to squeeze almost 20 days out of my minis. 

I really like the handy informational booklet that comes alongside the products to give you a wealth of information about the brand and the science behind the products.

The gentle exfoliator: Once a week I like to use an exfoliator to really scrub my skin and shed any dead skin to keep my face looking radiant and bright. The KORE Pearl exfoliator is not one of those overly abrasive products that scrub your skin aggressively. Instead it is made up of very fine granuels that gently exfoliate the face.

The foaming cleanser: I start my daily KORE skincare routine by cleansing my face with a clean, warm flannel and the 'Foaming cleanser.' I'm not sure why this product is labeled as a 'foaming' cleanser as in my opinion it is more of a creamy product that sinks smoothly into the skin with no foam at all. Foaming cleansers get a lot of bad press since the rise of Caroline Hirons opinions in the beauty blogging sphere and this one certainly doesn't have the over drying characteristics of a foaming cleanser. It is refreshing and light. 

The revitalising toner: This is my favourite product in the pack and smells delicious, in some ways the whole range should be scented like this as it is just so fresh. As the second step in my daily skincare I spritz the product directly onto my face and massage in or sometimes use it in the day to give my make-up a re-fresh. This is the only KORE product that contains alcohol. 

The Pearl intensive serum: Serums have become my 'thing' at the moment I love the intensive hydration that they provide especially for dehydrated skin. Containing magic ingredient 'Hyaluronic Acid' it is a great weapon for combatting signs of premature ageing. 

The repairing eye cream: I haven't found myself as into eye creams as I probably should have now that i've hit my early 20's. The eye cream is instantly hydrating, especially when layered over the Pearl intensive serum and is super a nourishing serum for application around the delicate eye area. A tiny amount of this particular product is required as a little goes a long way.

The Pearl optimal repair cream: This moisturiser is best suited to more mature skin as it is super, super nourishing and rich. You can really tell there's some punch and power behind it. This is one of the KORE hero products and it certainly doesn't disappoint. 

The restorative day cream: Probably more suited to my younger skin, this moisturiser was another highlight product of the range. It is less rich than the Optimal repair cream and is more oilier when sinking into the skin. It contains my favourite ingredient Vitamin E which helps to keep the skin hydrated and soft.

I really wish the '7 wonders' kit was available to buy directly from KORE as it is the perfect skincare treat for whilst on holiday. Instead, the kit is only available as a gift when you spend over £100 on KORE products and is worth £62. 

Overall, These premium products are extremely worthy rivals amongst their French counterparts in the skincare market. They contain a range of ingredients to suit all ages and skin types which is a diversity I really like. KORE also write a heavily informative blog about skincare which covers everything from how to use your products, to blemish busting and breaking down skincare jargon.



Monday saw the deal sealed - yep, I am officially a graduate of Liverpool JMU and the proud owner of a journalism degree. It was quite an emotional moment as the honorary fellows of my university called out my name and I nervously padded across the stage to shake hands, smile and unload the butterflies that had been swarming in my stomach.

For the momentous occasion I opted for an appropriate dress, wacky and loud - my kind of thing but more importantly fitting to my degree as the print (excuse the pun) was newspaper articles. I have had a few people ask me on Instagram where it was from. It is handmade by a designer from my home town who I featured on my blog last year - The brand 'Witchie Stitchie' design and make unique pieces for a one of a kind look. I certainly recommend checking them out if you like experimental fashion.

My make-up was kept fairly simple using 'Studio Fix fluid' from Mac as a base paired with the Elizabeth Arden bronzer to sculpt my cheek bones. 'Soft and Gentle' was the highlighter of choice to compliment my eyes which were kept simple with a light dusting of 'Metallic Khaki' eyeshadow from L'Oreal and lashings of the Maybelline 'Lash Stiletto' mascara. To compliment the red in my dress I wore 'Ruby Woo' by Mac on my lips - the matte formula stayed put all day long between sips of champagne. 

Pop over on Sunday if you'd like to read more about the day and all of the exciting happenings.



Since discovering Redken hair care around four years ago, I have dabbled with a few of their signature products from the 'Extreme range' in a bid to pack the protein back into my bleached tresses. Once my original stock ran out I vary rarely re-purchased due to the salon price tag.

I recently found myself scanning a 'reductions stall' outside a salon and found a large selection of Redken products selling for £4. I was drawn to the 'Colour extend, total recharge' spray which is essentially a nourishing protectant for coloured hair. Simply spray the formula into shampooed hair, rinse and condition OR use it as I do and spray in after conditioning and blow dry through. The formula contains a UV filter which is interesting as the sun is one of the key contributors to my hair colour fading.
I like my brunette hair to hold its shine and lustre, I do feel that by using the 'Total recharge' spray my colour is luscious and my hair is super shiny with an increase in vibrancy.


THE WEEK #28 2015

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This week has been about gearing up for one of the biggest and most rewarding days of my life...Graduation! I can't quite believe that tomorrow I will be wearing the gap and gown and sealing the deal on my journalism degree. I have observed many peoples signature 'mantlepiece' pictures, holding that scroll, wearing that mortar board and now I will have my own. Hollie Bradbury possessor of a bachelor of arts with honours degree. Almost five years ago when I started this very blog, it was to get me into uni and now look, i'm coming full circle with letters after my name?!

Friday kicked off the celebrations with a night out in Liverpool, whilst drinking cocktails out of milk bottles in Santa Chupitos I reflected on my time studying and how hard i've found the personal and academic journey. My first year was a disaster, my second much better and my third year better still. What a crazy adventure, moving out of my family home, moving in with strangers and finally living solo. I could never have written this story if i'd tried. 

Yesterday was spent running around putting things in place for a dinner party i'm throwing later this evening - a soiree if you like for my parents as they arrive in the city for my graduation. I'm hoping that my food is up to scratch - living on super noodles and pasta for the best part of my university life has given my parents reason to be worried about what ends up on their plate - but don't worry i've got it under control. (pours large glass of wine)

Last night was filled with Italian food devoured at Trattoria 51 in Liverpool's business district - a bottle of champagne was inhaled as the night filled with happiness, good company and celebration. After the shoddy nature of the last few weeks it was a welcome change, kind of nice to be made a fuss of - just for jumping over the hurdle and nailing that almost expected 2:1. I treated myself to some new nails, stiletto style painted in a deep ruby black with glitter. Anything to avoid my stumpy, bitten natural nails. If i'm going to go all out for this momentous picture, then why not ey? Rock the true Hollie style and sport something outrageous!

Here's hoping I don't fall over as I walk over to shake whoever's hand at the grad ceremony and a big cheers to GGMH finishing university for good!



Since devoting myself to brunette hair I have needed to scratch my hair colour itch. Of course, if you're a long time reader of GGMH you'll have witnessed my hair colour progression over the past five years, red to blonde to brunette and everything including pink in-between.

I have recently found a way to play with fun, semi permanent tones to liven up my brunette locks. Most recently I have been lusting after auburn tones, playing with fiery reds and burnt oranges.

To achieve an auburn/brunette shade I used the Superdrug colour episode in 5.4 'Natural rich chestnut' - on the packet the colour is a deep brown shade but when applied to dry hair and left for two hours the auburn is achieved. Lasting 5-8 washes depending on the condition of your hair these colour pops are a lovely way to add lustre into your hair. 

The foaming product comes in a pre mixed canister and a packet of conditioner, all for the reasonable price of £2.99. I have short hair and achieved three applications from the formula. 

There is an entire range of different tones that can be applied to blonde, red and brunette hair and when paired with the Superdrug colour Effects wash in wash out toner the colour pay off is vibrant and sexy. 



I have a bit of a 'thing' for the moon and stars - anything cosmic really, it all fascinates me. The inky black sky as a backdrop for the sparkly rocks is something truly beautiful on a clear night. Unfortunately, as I live in a city I barely get to see the beauties very often. 

When I saw this layered pendant set in Primark, I knew I had to have it. At £3 it was a steal and the little charms are adorable. 



You may have seen this little beauty popping up on my June monthly favourites and since treating myself to the cosmic purple lippy a few weeks a go - i've worn nothing else. After seeing the popular vlogger Sunbeamsjess rocking the matte shade with a precise cat eye and layered jewellery, I knew it was a shade that I had to have.  Meet 'Heroine' by Mac. 

The deep, magenta purple suits all skin types and brings gothic make-up sexy on paler skin like mine. The matte formulation isn't too drying and the lippy sits comfortable on the lips all day long. This lippy has blue undertones which helps your teeth to look nice and white. Heroine is my fifth Mac lipstick bullet and I have to say it has sneakily become my favourite. 


THE WEEK #27 2015

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This week has been bloody weird. From extreme highs to extreme lows and everything thrown into the mix in-between. The week kicked off with the news that I had passed my degree in journalism with a cool 2:1. I couldn't have been more elated as I opened my results sheet to see the words: ' Bachelor of arts with honours, class 2, division 1' - To celebrate I headed out to a traditional Greek taverna named 'Bacchus' and tucked into the best Moussaka i've ever eaten and sipped on Mythos. On Monday life was sweet as a nut. 

Then came the storm. It all started with a mouse launching itself through my flat window one balmy evening. I went to shut the window and in it came. Hell. The next day the queasy news that a long distance relationship was confirmed after celebrating the sealed deal that it was not going to happen only 7 days previously. Having been through the angst and upset of a LDR before I threw my hands up and admitted defeat. I was a mess.

I guess I wasn't going to be let go of that easily though as I found myself at the lovely Grosvenor hotel and spa in Cheshire to discuss a plan of attack on neutral ground. Somewhere between sitting in an Asian tranquility garden, a scrumptious al a carte dinner and sweating it all out in a steam room things became clearer. Who knows what the future holds but i'm taking baby steps in the right direction and i'm trusting life a little. Everything happens for a reason and all that.

This weekend was spent in Chester eating a big Mac (classy) and on the Pier head grass in Liverpool with a few bottles of San Miguel. As the temperature rose the worlds largest ocean liner had returned to the docks to celebrate the 175th anniversary crossing of the QM2 from Liverpool to New York. The catwalk was breaking a world record for 5,000 people down a catwalk and Lauren Pope of TOWIE fame Dj'd while the sun beat down on my extremely white limbs.

This week started amazing, had a seriously shitty middle and ended more positively than I anticipated as a good friend of mine sipped on cocktails and made sense of the world.

This week on GGMH Monthly favourites: June 2015 | In beauty: Maybelline 'Lash stiletto mascara'  | In style: Four days, four outfits #5  | This week in 2014 



I think a touch of my old self circa 2012 has re manifested this week. Clashing prints, colour and sequins just minus the long red hair and nose piercing. 

Outfit one: This dress from Chelsea Girl is probably my favourite dress ever, a lovely mix of olive and bronze tones the swing dress adds a touch of sparkle to the leopard print cardigan which is from TK Maxx. My belt is a studded vintage, maroon buckle belt and I wore the ensemble with plain black tights and black ankle boots, to keep it nice and simple. 

Outfit two: Pairing a plain black, sleeveless blouse from Zara with a vintage super sequin crop top seemed like a good idea. The layers give the outfit dimension paired against black skinny jeans from Topshop. 

Outfit three: On this particular day I was feeling quite casual by wearing a slogan racer dress (nod towards the 90's supermodels of course) with a chequered shirt from Abercrombie and Fitch. Again, I wore the whole lot with plain black tights and my sparkly slippers from Kurt Geiger.

Outfit four: There was a day this week when I just felt crap and when I feel crap I throw on my favorite outfit which consists of sparkly black JONI jeans from Topshop and a plain vest from Zara. I wore a few layers of cosmic theme necklaces to add something extra to the ole' chest area and paired the whole outfit with black sliders. 



I love mascara - it's my make-up muse and if I were to only ever able to wear one make-up product again, it would be mascara without a doubt.  It opens up your peepers, makes you look half human and even without all of its make-up counterparts it stands alone looking pretty cool.

My Aunt (who lives in the US) recently introduced me to the Maybelline 'Lash Stiletto' mascara which intends to lengthen the lashes by 70%. If I am looking for the USP of a mascara it has to be that it provides length and everything else is a bonus. The wand is also a very important factor, I like slim wands with rubbery or very streamline bristles and that is obviously what makes this mascara pretty awesome.

The formula is non clumping and isn't ridiculously watery - no smudging to be seen here. I am pretty sure that i've seen this mascara on the UK market a few years ago and that it has since been discontinued which is a shame as I have gotten on well with it. 

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