I love mascara - it's my make-up muse and if I were to only ever able to wear one make-up product again, it would be mascara without a doubt.  It opens up your peepers, makes you look half human and even without all of its make-up counterparts it stands alone looking pretty cool.

My Aunt (who lives in the US) recently introduced me to the Maybelline 'Lash Stiletto' mascara which intends to lengthen the lashes by 70%. If I am looking for the USP of a mascara it has to be that it provides length and everything else is a bonus. The wand is also a very important factor, I like slim wands with rubbery or very streamline bristles and that is obviously what makes this mascara pretty awesome.

The formula is non clumping and isn't ridiculously watery - no smudging to be seen here. I am pretty sure that i've seen this mascara on the UK market a few years ago and that it has since been discontinued which is a shame as I have gotten on well with it. 

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