When the season to drape maxi dresses and denim shorts over our bodies appears I always panic slightly that my transparent skin tone is something to stare at. Back in the olden days I would be considered 'wealthy' and 'desirable' for my pale skin - these days if you aren't the colour of Michelle Keegan your Instagram isn't worth looking at. Sad but true.

I maintain a weekly tanning routine that involves the usual exfoliating and moisturising every two days before I apply two layers of the St Moriz 'Fast self tan' (leaving it on for up to 7 hours obviously because i'm hardcore!) In between using self tan I top up my glow with an old favourite the Dove 'Summer glow' I remember this stuff appearing when blogging was just a small fry business. I have the medium to dark variant which I believe helps my skin to take to the pigment more. 

It's probable that I smell like a digestive biscuit 98% of the time but the sunkissed glow is worth it - without the health implications of a real tan!

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