3 July 2015


I think a touch of my old self circa 2012 has re manifested this week. Clashing prints, colour and sequins just minus the long red hair and nose piercing. 

Outfit one: This dress from Chelsea Girl is probably my favourite dress ever, a lovely mix of olive and bronze tones the swing dress adds a touch of sparkle to the leopard print cardigan which is from TK Maxx. My belt is a studded vintage, maroon buckle belt and I wore the ensemble with plain black tights and black ankle boots, to keep it nice and simple. 

Outfit two: Pairing a plain black, sleeveless blouse from Zara with a vintage super sequin crop top seemed like a good idea. The layers give the outfit dimension paired against black skinny jeans from Topshop. 

Outfit three: On this particular day I was feeling quite casual by wearing a slogan racer dress (nod towards the 90's supermodels of course) with a chequered shirt from Abercrombie and Fitch. Again, I wore the whole lot with plain black tights and my sparkly slippers from Kurt Geiger.

Outfit four: There was a day this week when I just felt crap and when I feel crap I throw on my favorite outfit which consists of sparkly black JONI jeans from Topshop and a plain vest from Zara. I wore a few layers of cosmic theme necklaces to add something extra to the ole' chest area and paired the whole outfit with black sliders. 



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