A few summer time favourites for the month of July. The weather has been up and down some days were spent under the scorching hot sunshine and other cowering under an umbrella (Ahem graduation) I've been sleeping under the stars, celebrating birthday's and recovering from a huge blow but all in all, July has been pretty alright. 

The base: With a few special events this month, I needed my make-up to stay put. I have been enjoying using the Almay 'Smart shade primer'  a blend of pigment blurring shades to counteract an uneven skin tone and redness. 

The colour wash: Who doesn't love a wash of a sheer,summery shade on the old peepers? Rubenesque from Mac is a paint pot that glides beautifully on the lids and can be left as the showstopper or built with colour for a more vivid look.

The pop of pink: Every summer I reach for 'Brighton Rock' from Topshop the punchy pink is the perfect accompaniment to neutral make-up and brightens up the face.

The colour catcher: I have been using the Redken 'Colour extend' spray religiously for the past month. The formula is intended to keep coloured hair nourished and locked whilst preventing any snapping from colour damage. 

The lash builder: Jica lash changed my life and I can't imagine my peepers without it. The tiny fibres cling to the mascara and make your lashes look 100% fuller. It is non irritating and the results are pretty darn awesome.

The skin saviour:If you read THIS post you'll know that I am a huge fan of KORE skincare, a luxury skincare brand that is new to the UK. One of the stand out products is this 'Restorative cream' which is a luscious, highly moisturising formula suitable for all skin type. 

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