THE WEEK #27 2015

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This week has been bloody weird. From extreme highs to extreme lows and everything thrown into the mix in-between. The week kicked off with the news that I had passed my degree in journalism with a cool 2:1. I couldn't have been more elated as I opened my results sheet to see the words: ' Bachelor of arts with honours, class 2, division 1' - To celebrate I headed out to a traditional Greek taverna named 'Bacchus' and tucked into the best Moussaka i've ever eaten and sipped on Mythos. On Monday life was sweet as a nut. 

Then came the storm. It all started with a mouse launching itself through my flat window one balmy evening. I went to shut the window and in it came. Hell. The next day the queasy news that a long distance relationship was confirmed after celebrating the sealed deal that it was not going to happen only 7 days previously. Having been through the angst and upset of a LDR before I threw my hands up and admitted defeat. I was a mess.

I guess I wasn't going to be let go of that easily though as I found myself at the lovely Grosvenor hotel and spa in Cheshire to discuss a plan of attack on neutral ground. Somewhere between sitting in an Asian tranquility garden, a scrumptious al a carte dinner and sweating it all out in a steam room things became clearer. Who knows what the future holds but i'm taking baby steps in the right direction and i'm trusting life a little. Everything happens for a reason and all that.

This weekend was spent in Chester eating a big Mac (classy) and on the Pier head grass in Liverpool with a few bottles of San Miguel. As the temperature rose the worlds largest ocean liner had returned to the docks to celebrate the 175th anniversary crossing of the QM2 from Liverpool to New York. The catwalk was breaking a world record for 5,000 people down a catwalk and Lauren Pope of TOWIE fame Dj'd while the sun beat down on my extremely white limbs.

This week started amazing, had a seriously shitty middle and ended more positively than I anticipated as a good friend of mine sipped on cocktails and made sense of the world.

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