THE WEEK #28 2015

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This week has been about gearing up for one of the biggest and most rewarding days of my life...Graduation! I can't quite believe that tomorrow I will be wearing the gap and gown and sealing the deal on my journalism degree. I have observed many peoples signature 'mantlepiece' pictures, holding that scroll, wearing that mortar board and now I will have my own. Hollie Bradbury possessor of a bachelor of arts with honours degree. Almost five years ago when I started this very blog, it was to get me into uni and now look, i'm coming full circle with letters after my name?!

Friday kicked off the celebrations with a night out in Liverpool, whilst drinking cocktails out of milk bottles in Santa Chupitos I reflected on my time studying and how hard i've found the personal and academic journey. My first year was a disaster, my second much better and my third year better still. What a crazy adventure, moving out of my family home, moving in with strangers and finally living solo. I could never have written this story if i'd tried. 

Yesterday was spent running around putting things in place for a dinner party i'm throwing later this evening - a soiree if you like for my parents as they arrive in the city for my graduation. I'm hoping that my food is up to scratch - living on super noodles and pasta for the best part of my university life has given my parents reason to be worried about what ends up on their plate - but don't worry i've got it under control. (pours large glass of wine)

Last night was filled with Italian food devoured at Trattoria 51 in Liverpool's business district - a bottle of champagne was inhaled as the night filled with happiness, good company and celebration. After the shoddy nature of the last few weeks it was a welcome change, kind of nice to be made a fuss of - just for jumping over the hurdle and nailing that almost expected 2:1. I treated myself to some new nails, stiletto style painted in a deep ruby black with glitter. Anything to avoid my stumpy, bitten natural nails. If i'm going to go all out for this momentous picture, then why not ey? Rock the true Hollie style and sport something outrageous!

Here's hoping I don't fall over as I walk over to shake whoever's hand at the grad ceremony and a big cheers to GGMH finishing university for good!

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