THE WEEK #29 2015

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This week I graduated. Monday morning began with a torrential downpour - the worst weather in weeks, typical. I apprehensively stood in line to collect my cap and gown, official certificate in my hand. I had been waiting for this moment pretty much throughout my entire schooling. As I was guided into the heavy cloak and the mortarboard was clipped securely to my hair, I finally felt like i'd done it. University hasn't been easy for me on both a personal and academic level, I have struggled with homesickness, successes, failures, deaths, break-ups, the lot and I reminisced deeply as I stood on the star, chin slightly raised, eyes forward for the picture that will adorn my families mantlepieces and define my university career.

The ceremony was special, there were one or two moments where I had to swallow hard as I clapped the successes of my fellow graduants in the overwhelming and splendid cathedral. Seeing the pride on my Mum and Dad's faces was special, this was their first graduation too and I could tell it was important to get it right. As I waited in the queue to hear my name called and to shake hands with the honorary fellows and dignitaries, the butterflies in my stomach whirled, i'd seen this moment on films and now it was me sealing the deal. What was particularly lovely was that I walked out of the cathedral with my friend James of whom I met at the first interview sometime in February 2012 and had been in all of my classes ever since. I couldn't have wished for a better person to sign this journalism gig off with.

After throwing my cap in the air and indulging in strawberries and champagne my family and I headed to the Philharmonic dining rooms for a debrief and a spot of lunch. My Dad and I remembered the nights I would call him when I was terrified of a horrendous individual that I lived with in halls, the times I padded the streets 'Vox popping' and late night library struggles. In the evening we headed for food at Alma de Cuba whereby copious cocktails were drank and the most delicious food i've ever had in my life was devoured. Graduation was pretty special and a truly treasured memory.

This weekend has been spent (for the most part) in a tent. In a bid to relive some childhood memories the coast was calling and since i've never been camping what better way to divulge in the fresh sea air than on top of a cliff? Fish and chips, check. The chintzy lights of the arcades where I would bleed my Dad and Grandpa's pockets dry as a youngster. It was good to remember what simple pleasures I loved - especially when one feels a little lost.

It's odd when it's all over. In high school you look to completing GCSE's and moving to college where A levels rule your world, then comes university and the degree but after the hat has been thrown in the air and your foot is on the career ladder, what milestone comes next? 

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