THE WEEK #30 2015

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After the previous weekend of R+R, it was hard waking up on Monday morning back in the smoggy city and finding the motivation to get out of bed at 06:20am. Once in the swing of things I found myself eating unlimited BBQ food at Viva Brazil in Liverpool. It's one of those place where they come round with the skewer of delicious, fresh meat to accompany a plate full of unlimited salad. Garlic steak, brazilian sausages, and minted lamb were all washed out with a giant glass of G+T and good company. 

Later in the week I found myself reliving the life and times of 13/14 year old me. Who remembers striped gloves? Studded belts? An alternative shop called Grin? Yeah, I headed into Grin to find some incense and it took me back to wearing chequered scarfs that looked like tea towels (based on the 80's New Romantics era) and heavy duty 'New Rock' boots.  I would hang out in a store named 'Hellraiser' and sport black lipstick. I can't imagine what my parents thought but they let me do my thing and I guess I turned out alright.

This weekend is the only weekend for a good 5 weeks that I have nothing on, so I celebrated that by pigging out on pizza, watching music documentaries and switching my phone OFF. It's been nice to just relax and not have to think about anything other than when am I making the next brew?

Song of the week has to be 'Cause' i'm a man' from Tame Impala and the funniest moment of the week has to be from Corrie, did anybody else see Tim shaking an empty bottle of brown sauce?

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