It's been a while since a TAG popped up around here - I love how a few questions can open a book about somebody. This is the 'Wishes TAG' centred around 6 little wishes, I tag you all to take a few minutes to think.

1. What do you wish you knew when you were younger?
Things always get better, when I was younger I would worry myself silly over the smallest things and my Dad would always tell me it'll be okay. As i've grown older I have learnt that not every good time sticks around, but nor does every bad times - life is made up of peaks and troughs, sometimes you're ahead, sometimes you're behind.

2. Where do you wish you could live?
I'm pretty happy and grateful for my new place but if I could live anywhere it would be somewhere like New York for the city buzz or near a beach and the ocean, somewhere like Malibu for tranquility.

3. What is one thing you wish you could do?
I really regret not disciplining myself enough to learn to play an instrument, the piano, perhaps the guitar. Reading music is a skill I admire hugely and I wish that I could sit down with an instrument and follow the music.

4. What would you wish to be better at?
There's so many things day to day that I wish I was better at, at work and personally however, I would like to be better at trusting myself to get something right. I'm very quick to say I can't do something when actually I probably can. 

5. What did you wish to become when you were little?
One of the first professions I can remember saying I wanted to try was forensic science, yep a little 7 or 8 year old me was going around telling grown ups that I want to be a forensic scientist. I really liked watching Midsomer Murders as a kid (never interested in The Tweenies) and liked the thought of getting to the bottom of why somebody had passed away. I soon learned I wasn't going to be clever enough to follow that path and later turned to wanting to be a novelist or magazine editor instead. I'm quite lucky that my job gives me the creative freedom to write everyday therefore I guess it was my calling.

6. What is your biggest wish
I really wish to be able to maintain a happy and healthy life surrounded by all of the good eggs in my life...With a cat of course. 



Mac lipsticks are always a little treat that I buy on my way in or out of the country, unintentionally this just seems to be the way that my high end lipstick purchasing has gone. Today I present you with two very similar lipstick shades that are perfect if you're looking for a more unusual take on a red toned lippy. 

I bought 'New York Apple' on my way to Turkey a few years ago. The muted raspberry red shade (seen on the right) has a pinky undertone with tiny gold flecks and a frosted sheen. Now, I know Frost finish lippy's get a bad rep however, New York Apple does not scream Granny lips! Perfect for the Autumn/Winter season the formula is super moisturising and adds a nice pigment to the lips. 

'Fresh Moroccan' was bought in Amsterdam around my 21st birthday. This lipstick shade (seen on the left) is a more copper/cinnamon toned red again with gold flecks. It is a very festive shade that I know would look beautiful with asian skin - like New York Apple, Fresh Moroccan is a frost finish. 



This week I was feeling inspired by the folky style of the 1970's, having listened to a lot of Fleetwood Mac at work and currently reading 'Play on' by Mick Fleetwood himself my outfits have been based on that bohemian look, playing with prints and clothes with movement.

Outfit 1: I love these printed cigarette pants from Primark however, they seem to find themselves at the back of my wardrobe, neglected. Made from a stiff material they are a well structured, high waisted trouser featuring a baroque print. I paired them with a black cami from Primark and a thin, loose cardigan from H+M. As you can see in the picture i've added some red back into my hair which I had never have thought would be the case having tried to hard to bleach my barnet blonde.  My charm necklace is from Topshop. 

Outfit 2: The day that I must have been feeling dark and mysterious! I wore a pair of black skinny jeans from Primark paired with a plain black tank top and my crochet poncho, also from Primark. My camel fedora is from TK Maxx which I think adds something to an otherwise very plain outfit.

Outfit 3:A dress discovered at my parents' place that I haven't worn in years! It's from Primark and although probably more appropriate for the Autumn, I LOVE how cosy it is with thick tights. I wore my Topshop charm necklace and New Look, plain black ankle boots. 

Outfit 4: Firstly, excuse my breakfast bowl in the bottom corner there! It was 6:30am and needed a quick snap before heading out of the door. I wore my and other stories LBD paired with a Primark cami and bright coloured, multi bead necklace from New Look. 



Imagine a place to hang out or work where you can drink as many brews and eat as many pieces of cake as you like. For free. 

Introducing Ziferblat, where the only thing you actually pay for is your time.

Define, Ziferblat: Clockface

The concept hailed from Moscow, Russia whereby a group of poets lead by Ziferblat founder Ivan Meetin, would leave poems on the back of pieces of paper with a location of where the next meeting for like minded individuals would be held. This would continue until a more permanent space named the 'Treehouse for adults' an attic was found.

Back in the UK the idea encourages guests to treat the space like their home. You are completely welcome to help yourself to a number of different teas, brownies, cereal, toast from the kitchen and hook up to the Wi-Fi. The space encourages people to work, hold meetings, study, run workshops and socialise and the only fee is the 6p you pay per minute.

The interior of Ziferblat ,which is based in the beautiful Colonnades on Liverpool's Albert Dock is made up of charity shop treasures, a miss match of furniture, lampshades and clocks. The space is light and bright with a relaxed vibe, in one corner people are deep into a game of Scrabble, whilst in the kitchen somebody is helping another individual find the sugar. It's hard not to feel at home amongst the comforting shapes, smells and colours of the room. 

Having already opened two other successful UK spaces on London's Old Street and in Manchester's Northern Quarter, the concept is worldwide with the concept Ziferblat spread around the world. 

The Ziferblat concept has really excited me, since moving to Liverpool three years ago (jee's) I struggled to find opportunities to meet people in anywhere other than bars and clubs. Now that most of my university friends have moved on from the city, i'm once again on the hunt for some chums and I believe that the Ziferblat concept can help with just that.


THE WEEK #34 2015

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This week I had a breakfast buddy, it's not half bad having someone to pop the kettle on and bring you a morning brew however,when Friday called, I found myself moving back into my own company and into what I hope will be more of a permanent home. The place is cosy, it has huge sash windows and a really nice feel.

As I sit here now, there's a thunderstorm outside, rain is bouncing off the road and the hum of traffic is lit up with flashes of lightning. I have a black coconut candle burning and a string of fairy lights hung from the walls. I really feel at home and there's something incredibly 'milestone ticking offy' about my career paying for it. 

This week I also joined the gym, i've been putting it off for.. years but the time has come whereby no more excuses can be made. My jelly belly is wobbling more and more by the minute and my very stationary job, gorging on crisps and cookies all day long isn't the way to look and feel good. I've even caved and bought a neon green, quick dry, gym top and matching leggings. Who am I?

I discovered a new hangout in Liverpool this week by the name of Ziferblat whereby unlimited tea/coffee and cake is free. Hang on for tomorrows post if you'd like to learn more. 

Next week, posting will continue as normal but I will be (hopefully) sipping on a Pina Colarda on the beach somewhere in Ibiza therefore there will be no 'The Week' next Sunday however, I have something else planned for then.



Since properly discovering ESPA last year I have enjoyed a number of their products including their tinted moisturisers and balancing facial oil. A brand focused on pioneering the science of natural beauty in effective formulas, ESPA use the purest extracts to produce instant, lasting results for your skin.

I have currently been enjoying a few goodies from their 'Summer spotlight' collection which includes a trio of award-winning products. I have to say, there isn't one 'dud' product in the collection, they are all lovely to use and produce results that make you feel as though you have left a spa upon usage.

I'm headed on my summer holiday to Ibiza in a few days and I will be certainly sure to take these goodies with me to help keep my skin and hair looking their best whilst away.

24 hour replenishing moisturiser: A wonderful product that not only smells amazing but also feels super luxurious to touch. A thick cream is deemed a 'skincare superhero' tackling onset anti ageing and is powered by Myrrh, Frankincense, Vitamin E, peach kernel oil to protect against environmental aggressors and evening primrose and jojoba for extra nourishment. 

Pink hair and scalp mud masque: Probably my favourite product in the pack. I got Elliot on board with this one as I was treated to a lovely head massage using the formula to hydrate and stimulate my scalp. Created in 1993 (it's as old as me!) it is a best seller and cult ESPA product. This little gem is perfect for all hair types, but particularly hair like mine that is dry and damaged. Enriched with watercress, apricot kernel oil and red clay the formula helps boost growth and promote glossy locks.

Optimal skin Proserum: For perfect summer skin, the formula counteracts the drying effect of the sun and air conditioning. A blend of Omega 3,6 and 9, vitamin A and E, as well as turmeric, white lupin and sunflower, the formulation helps brighten and even the skin tone whilst protecting against premature ageing. The formula absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue and leave the skin feeling amazingly soft. 




It's no secret that I am a jewellery fiend. Since the days of sitting on the edge of my Nana's bed unboxing her precious trinkets and wearing as many layers of beads as possible. I'd describe my jewellery as quite an eclectic mix of contemporary bracelets and dainty chains to outlandish cocktail rings and chunky bangles. 

I recently discovered a site dedicated to the art of jewellery making and genuine gemstones. Headed up by Paula Bennett, jewellery maker aims to offer the best selection of stylish and innovative products to make jewellery with.

I spent my Saturday afternoon with a cup of tea partaking in a spot of crafting. very kindly introduced me to a jewellery project kit of which I chose the 'Leaf and heart charm bracelet' in the copper finish. 

Retailing between £9.95 and £14.95 depending on which kit you choose, these crafty bracelet making kits make for a perfect gift. The clean lines of the packaging and instructions allow for a crafting experience that isn't overwhelming, anybody can do it with the right tools (I used a pair of tweezers) and a little bit of patience.

My bracelet was super, super easy to assemble, taking me around 30-40 minutes to create from scratch and I couldn't be happier with it. The materials are of a good quality - no flimsy jewellery to be seen here and since creating my special piece of DIY I haven't taken it off. 


I often haul a few make-up bits and pieces around with me as I am one of those gals who can't seem to get her make-up to stay put. In my handbag I have the St Moriz bronzer block which provides a lovely, subtle glow to the cheeks. I usually touch up my bronzer around mid-day to inject some warmth back into my skin.

 I really struggle to get my eye make-up to maintain that perfect smokeyness that appears when I first apply it, bleary eyed at 6am every weekday morning. I carry the Models own 'smokey eye palette which is an all time favourite of mine. The trio of grey shadows can be layered perfectly for that 'just rolled out of bed' look. I set the shades with a bit of waterline/tightlining with my Lacura beauty kohl liner which handily comes with a smudger on the bottom. For those occasions when my mascara has become a little flakey I apply a few new coatings of the Maybelline 'Lash Stiletto' mascara which provides the oomph that had been lost as my day progresses.

Finally, the ultimate tool to spruce up tour make-up - some red lippy. My current favourite is 'Brick' from Elizabeth Arden, a brown toned red that sits nicely against my redder hair and blue eyes. 


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This week I moved out of my first place. As I bleached the tiles, scrubbed the skirting boards and bagged up my belongings I felt a little sadness leaving my mole hole as I fondly call it. The place was teeny tiny, I dealt with cockroaches, it never had any sunlight and backed onto the bins but it was mine. Number 5 will forever stay in my heart but it is now on to pastures new, new responsibilities and  a new start...In a bigger place. I can't wait to move in next week and get the place kitted out, but for now i've moved in with the chap, no arguments (so far) haha.

Monday dealt me a strange card health wise so I found myself in the fantastic company of my best friend Hannah. We indulged on pizza (obviously) and set the world to rights. We met two years ago at work and bonded over a mutual habit of talking seriously loud at inappropriate times. After a few tests whatever was wrong with me turned out okay in the end thankfully but I was really glad to have a good friend to help out.

On Thursday I was invited to the Beauty and Holistic lounge salon in Liverpool city centre. I was treated to a blow-dry and gel nails which I had painted in a beautiful, glossy aubergine shade. The salon is very opulently decorated in gold and black with various themed rooms for treatments including my favourite, the Bounty waxing suite - yep they use coconut and chocolate scented wax! A lot of thought about the decoration and theme of the salon was put in by co-owner Lisa and you can really see every detail has been thought about. Lisa even tells me that next year there will be a bar included!

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Following on from 'three rock documentaries you must watch' are two books that, if you like that kind of thing, you must read. I have been bitten by the reading bug recently, I have to say it's not like me to be juggling two books on the go but there's something quite relaxing about spending my lunchtime indulging in somebody else' world other than my workload.

'Life' by Keith Richards There are two indestructible creatures on this planet, the cockroach and Keith Richards. Documenting Richards' life from a humble upbringing in Dartford to a rock 'n' roll lifestyle earmarked by a turbulent relationship with Anita Pallenberg played out alongside 1970's bohemian culture, pure heroin, and how some of the best Rolling Stones music came about through a partnership with Mick Jagger that outlasted all of the sex, drugs, death, studio 54 and solo careers. Before engulfing this one, familiarise yourself with Richards' voice, if you read it as if you were listening to him, the story comes alive making you wish you were either on the road with The Stones or safely tucked up in bed with Horlicks. My favourite element of this book is Richards' unwavering love for producing great music and the blues heroes that inspired him to do so. With a musical career spanning over 50 years and all of the cultural shifts since the 1960's, the kohl liner wearing Grandad recalls...Life

'Play On' by Mick Fleetwood A band that withstood (almost) as many line ups as the Sugababes, Fleetwood Mac co-founder and percussionist Mick Fleetwood reflects on himself and his part in the most emotionally dysfunctional bands of our time. The intersecting lives of Fleetwood and other rock and roll legends such as Rod Stewart are documented as 'swinging London' heightened. To date Fleetwoods 'Rumours' is one of the biggest selling albums of all time. The cement between the band, Fleetwood reflects on (despite financial success through music) multiple bankruptsy. Play On unearths new light on the bands raucous history and unearths the seeds that grew the legendary albums 'Rumours' and 'Tusk.' I've heard that if you've read Fleetwood's 1990s autobiography there's not much new in this document, but it is certainly well worth a read if you haven't. 



Last weekend I found myself in the beautiful village of Hasslemere, Surrey attending the most splendid and beautiful wedding i've ever been invited to. I had bought three outfits to wear for the occasion and simply couldn't settle on any of them. Some were too thick in materials, others too tight (eek) and I just couldn't find the one.

On a whim I bought a midnight blue dress from Chelsea Girl at River Island. Lined with tassels the style of the dress is very 1920's flapper girl-esc. I decided that this would be the dress -not realising that temperatures could soar up to 70 degrees on the day. I paired the dress with an embellished blue waistcoat from Primark that is years and years old. Again, this little jacket has fringing on it and I felt the silver brightened an otherwise dark outfit up a little. On my feet I wore my ever trusty 'Gibby' sandals from Dune.

In terms of accessories I decided to go all out, why the hell not ey? I don't attend many weddings so a fascinator was a definite yes. I borrowed a pewter-y toned fascinator from my Mum, I love the mix of feathers and curls - and it looked its best with hair up which is what I wanted to go with anyway.  I wore a vintage brooch that belonged to my Nana to keep my outfit fairly classic in theme. My clutch bag was one of the key components of the outfit, it is the silver RAE art deco clutch by Vintage Styler - roomy enough to fit the essentials and versatile in the way it can be worn on or off the shoulder. Inside I kept my phone and lippy of the day 'Ruby Woo' by Mac amongst a few mints, mini face brush and pressed powder compact.

For my make-up I began with the Clarins 'Beauty Flash Balm' as a base before applying 'Studio Fix Fluid' from Mac in the shade NW20. I used the Physicians Formula 'Deluxe Bronzer' to sculpt my cheeks before going in with 'Soft and Gentle' by Mac for the perfect highlight and dewy glow. On my eyes I wore 'Green smoke' by MAC with a touch of 'Toasted' from the Urban Decay Naked Palette through the crease. The mix of shimmery copper and green really brightened my eyes up, especially with a lining of the Lacura beauty Kohl in black. I used my trusty Jica lash extensions with lashings of the Kate Moss 'Eye Rock' mascara to add drama. On my lips I used the iconic 'Ruby Woo' by Mac with the shimmer of 'Fresh Moroccan' (also by Mac) layered over the top. Throughout the super scorching heat of the day I touched up with the Almay 'Balancing pressed powder' to avoid any shiny situations.



We are all so busy living life, scrambling to the next milestone and feeling disappointed that life often doesn't follow the track we anticipated. I think it's very easy to take the little things for granted, whether that's a beautiful rose garden or a cup of tea that perfectly hits the spot. I am looking to appreciate the tiniest things more in a bid to feel more positive and less anxious with the world. 
Here are five things unexpected things that I take joy from:

1. A text or call from somebody unexpected.
Whether it's a 'want to meet up' text or a quick call to say i'm thinking of you, I always feel immediately happy when I hear from somebody I haven't had contact with in a long time.I want to become that friend who partakes in simple little actions to make somebody else feel happy too.

2. When the rain hits hard on a tent
I went camping a few weeks ago and although my foot hitting the soggy ground as I disembarked the tent wasn't all that pleasant, snuggling under the duvet listening to the rain hitting the tent shell was pretty perfect. 

3. A cup of tea to wash down fish 'n' chips
I can't believe how satisfying this is! Fish 'n' chips with tomato ketchup, bread 'n' butter and a cup of tea, enough said!

4. Dusk, golden hour
My favourite time of the day, a time when I really feel like I come to life. I enjoy the pastel skies, particularly on a sunny day and the way  that wherever I am starts gearing up for the adventures of nighttime. In London I really enjoyed how workers would congregate outside with a beer or two. 

5. When a cat wants to snuggle
Forgive me, this just had to be included, cats do their own thing most of the time but when a furry friend really want a cuddle and they come to you directly, it makes you feel super loved. I haven't had a pet cat for many years now but it's something I look forward to in the future.


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This week has been one of those weeks where you're counting down to the weekend. I'm down in Haslemere near Guilford today for a beautiful summer wedding. I haven't been to an entire wedding ceremony in years and I have to say choosing a fascinator and pretty clutch bag has been exciting. 

The tiresome road trip was made worth it when we opened the door to a lovely, quaint hotel room. I always get excited about staying in hotels i'm not sure why but joining the other guests in the ambience of the wedding has been lovely. 

In other news, i'm so happy that The Great British Bakeoff is back! It took me a few seasons to get into it but once I did i've been hooked ever since, loving the cheeky puns and tent drama - who remembers Diana/Ian gate? This series I already think that Ugne will win, although word on the street is that the winners name has already been leaked online! 

Next week I am to begin packing up my flat which is bittersweet, on the one hand i'm pleased to be moving to a bigger space but I am also sad to be leaving my teeny tiny first place where i've spent many ups and downs over the last year. Everything from cockroaches to dodgy neighbours, i've had it all but it was home and the first place I lived by myself.



I've always been fascinated by popular music culture, how music and style defined an era whether it's the suede flares of the 1970s or frills of the 80s new romantics. A dream job for me would be to work alongside a record company sourcing new talent and producing records. Sadly, the days of traditional A+R are gone and the Stock, Aiken and Waterman style of record producing to dominant the charts isn't as prevalent anymore. 

Magazines such as Smash Hits and Top of the Pops were my favourites as a kid growing up in the early 00's even when music culture defined by pull out lyrics and heart throb interviews were on their way out. Sadly both publications ceased production in 2006. 

These days, I get my musical kicks from autobiographies and documentaries, I like looking at history, times and places when I was a mere sparkle in my parents' eyes. Music documentaries are an ace way of time travelling. What is particularly prevalent is the way that a young Mick Jagger divulges to a camera, snakeskin boots and velour trousers a plenty with no clue that over 40 years later he remans an icon and a firm piece of music history. 

Here are three of my favourite rock documentaries, all must see's for completely different reasons.

Gimme Shelter, (1970) The one that makes you feel like you shouldn't be watching. A pure observation documentary, no voiceovers, no interviews just a painful fly on the wall that follows The Rolling Stones in the lead up and aftermath of that fateful final show of their 1969 US tour at the Altamont Speedway. The footage is split between the band watching the clips from the documentary and what was happening at the time. The film captures the brooding energy of the 'Woodstock of the West' and the elements that steered the free concert to doom from the start. From Mick Jagger begging the crowd to stop hurting each other, to Keith Richards displaying his dismay at the Hells Angels behaviour. As soon as you hear The Stones riffing 'Under my thumb' you can feel the mood worsening - the film captures the stabbing of 18 year old Meredith Hunter who was violently stabbed whilst trying to get onto the stage holding a gun. The footage is undercut with Jagger's haunting realisation to what he described as a 'scuffle' at the time. 

Kurt and Courtney (1998) The one that makes you think Kurt was murdered. If you want atmosphere projected by the grey Seattle backdrop and the thrashing of dirty, alternative metal then be prepared to immerse yourself into late 80's/ early 90's Nirvana. Serving up a conspiracy led focus, Nick Broomfield's no prisoner journalism leads us to a number of characters claiming to know Cobain and his headspace before his ruled suicide in '94. Unfortunately in a film centred around the man behind Nirvana's lyrical sound - there is no Nirvana music featured as Love refused to license any of Cobain's music. The details of murder accusations are unveiled by conspiracy theorists Tom Grant, Love's father, Hank Harrison and more darkly, El Duce who claimed on film he knew who killed Cobain and was subsequently killed by a train two days after the interview.  An interview with journalist Victoria Clarke is also included which depicts the threats left on her answer machine by Cobain and Love following her work on the book 'Nirvana: Flower Sniffin' Kitty Pettin; Baby kissin' corporate rock whores' which was penned with Britt Collins. The ending of this one is filled with catastrophic irony which is why this dark music documentary is a must see. 

Soul boys of the western world (2014) The one that makes you wish you were an 80's Blitz kid. Beginning with the punchy chords of 'The Freeze' playing underneath the voices of Tony, Gary, Martin, Steve and John, the film chronicles the roaring successes and turbulent times of Spandau Ballet. Littered with home footage, photo archives and a seriously awesome soundtrack that not only features all of the Spandau hits but also includes chart toppers from the likes of David Bowie and  Rod Stewart. Narrated by the band, the film documents the humble beginnings of 'Gentry' to the golden success of Spandau, how Gary Kemp headed the lyric factory, Tony Hadley's velvety vocals and the austerity of that infamous 90's court case over royalties which sadly drove the band to a n indefinite parting until a reconciliation in 2009. One to watch for 80's culture and a slice of 'true' new romantic music. 



You wouldn't think these outfits were worn in the height of summer would you? Unfortunately the typically wet/grey British weather left me with no choice than to cast aside the floaty maxi dresses and denim shorts in place of tights and jeans.

Outfit one: I have had this dress for a good three years, bought for my 18th from Chelsea Girl at River Island. I love the mossy green material embellished with gold thread. Due to the office I work in becoming chilly when the air con kicks in I layered a black sheer shirt, with studded colour underneath. The gold detailing on the collar picks up the bronze stitching in the dress nicely. On the bottom i'm just wearing some black, opaque tights and my leopard print boots from Zara.

Outfit two: I love this dress batwing dress with fringing from Zara. Made from Velvet the piece is fairly heavy to wear. The collar is made up of a sheer panel with tiny copper beads that gives for a super intricate design. Like the previous outfit I paired the dress with black, opaque tights and my leopard print boors from Zara,

Outfit three: My t-shirt which reads 'More issues than Vogue' is from a vintage store between Portobello Road and Notting Hill gate. I paired it with my age-old gold waistcoat from Zara which I bought many years ago in the sale. I'm wearing plain black jeggings from Primark and it appears in the photo I don't have any shoes on! That day I wore my cherry red Dr Marten boots. The choker I have on is a deep burgundy red one from River Island.

Outfit four: You can probably tell on this day I was feeling a little under the weather therefore I was mostly opting for comfort over style. My deep neck vest top is from Primark, as is the wackily printed poncho that I bought last summer from the Oxford St store. I am wearing a pair of plain black jeans from Topshop (Joni) and as if I haven't worn them to death, my faux fur boots from Zara. The silver chain around my neck is vintage.



Candles, I bloody love 'em! The flickering scent, the warmth and the subtle aroma of the room even when they aren't lit.

My favourite candles at the moment are completely different but perfectly complimentary, one is more sweet and the other more musky. 'Black Coconut' from Yankee Candle is the ultimate comforting candle, creating a warm ambience when lit.

'Eucalyptus and sage' from DW Home is a beautifully calming blend that is light, fresh and perfect for in the kitchen. The little mason jar that the wax sits in is also pretty awesome and makes for a good Instagram prop!






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This week I saw a photo on Timehop (see above) with me rockin' some burgundy hair and I loved if you'd have told me a year ago (also see above) that i'd be switching back to where it all started as a red head, i'd have laughed - #Blondeforlyf and all that. I used a semi permanent dye from L'Oreal Castings, the shade being 'Cherry Red.' As my hair is a funky length currently, I figured a fun colour would help me feel more confident about the shorter length as it grows out.

Thursday saw a long overdue catch up with an old work chum, what was intended as a quick spot of tea turned in to five hours of conversation without coming up for air. I love catching up with friends like that. 

This weekend home was calling so after a quick catch up with Elliot's family we headed to Wakefield, finding ourselves reliving history in a greasy spoon, the very establishment where I bagged my first job aged 14. I worked there right up until leaving for uni and going back in to an abundance of hello's, congratulations and how are you's from staff and customers was touching, I haven't called in for a few years and it's good to know the smell of vinegar and chip fat hasn't disappeared.

After swinging by my parents' place for a bowl of hearty chilli and to collect my holiday gear for Ibiza, our last call was to my Grandparent's. Elliot was meeting my Grandad for the first time which was quite the occasion. The rest of the weekend has been spent catching up on bits of work and relaxing, a few episodes of One Tree Hill here and there and chowing down on delicious home made burgers.

In other news, it's a year since I found myself on Brick Lane getting tattooed - twelve months later and I still fall in love with my little holly leaf every-time I wear sandals. From the seed that was planted whilst walking down the Kings Road to today, the green and red artwork, 1 years old. 

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