Since properly discovering ESPA last year I have enjoyed a number of their products including their tinted moisturisers and balancing facial oil. A brand focused on pioneering the science of natural beauty in effective formulas, ESPA use the purest extracts to produce instant, lasting results for your skin.

I have currently been enjoying a few goodies from their 'Summer spotlight' collection which includes a trio of award-winning products. I have to say, there isn't one 'dud' product in the collection, they are all lovely to use and produce results that make you feel as though you have left a spa upon usage.

I'm headed on my summer holiday to Ibiza in a few days and I will be certainly sure to take these goodies with me to help keep my skin and hair looking their best whilst away.

24 hour replenishing moisturiser: A wonderful product that not only smells amazing but also feels super luxurious to touch. A thick cream is deemed a 'skincare superhero' tackling onset anti ageing and is powered by Myrrh, Frankincense, Vitamin E, peach kernel oil to protect against environmental aggressors and evening primrose and jojoba for extra nourishment. 

Pink hair and scalp mud masque: Probably my favourite product in the pack. I got Elliot on board with this one as I was treated to a lovely head massage using the formula to hydrate and stimulate my scalp. Created in 1993 (it's as old as me!) it is a best seller and cult ESPA product. This little gem is perfect for all hair types, but particularly hair like mine that is dry and damaged. Enriched with watercress, apricot kernel oil and red clay the formula helps boost growth and promote glossy locks.

Optimal skin Proserum: For perfect summer skin, the formula counteracts the drying effect of the sun and air conditioning. A blend of Omega 3,6 and 9, vitamin A and E, as well as turmeric, white lupin and sunflower, the formulation helps brighten and even the skin tone whilst protecting against premature ageing. The formula absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue and leave the skin feeling amazingly soft. 


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