I often haul a few make-up bits and pieces around with me as I am one of those gals who can't seem to get her make-up to stay put. In my handbag I have the St Moriz bronzer block which provides a lovely, subtle glow to the cheeks. I usually touch up my bronzer around mid-day to inject some warmth back into my skin.

 I really struggle to get my eye make-up to maintain that perfect smokeyness that appears when I first apply it, bleary eyed at 6am every weekday morning. I carry the Models own 'smokey eye palette which is an all time favourite of mine. The trio of grey shadows can be layered perfectly for that 'just rolled out of bed' look. I set the shades with a bit of waterline/tightlining with my Lacura beauty kohl liner which handily comes with a smudger on the bottom. For those occasions when my mascara has become a little flakey I apply a few new coatings of the Maybelline 'Lash Stiletto' mascara which provides the oomph that had been lost as my day progresses.

Finally, the ultimate tool to spruce up tour make-up - some red lippy. My current favourite is 'Brick' from Elizabeth Arden, a brown toned red that sits nicely against my redder hair and blue eyes. 

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