We are all so busy living life, scrambling to the next milestone and feeling disappointed that life often doesn't follow the track we anticipated. I think it's very easy to take the little things for granted, whether that's a beautiful rose garden or a cup of tea that perfectly hits the spot. I am looking to appreciate the tiniest things more in a bid to feel more positive and less anxious with the world. 
Here are five things unexpected things that I take joy from:

1. A text or call from somebody unexpected.
Whether it's a 'want to meet up' text or a quick call to say i'm thinking of you, I always feel immediately happy when I hear from somebody I haven't had contact with in a long time.I want to become that friend who partakes in simple little actions to make somebody else feel happy too.

2. When the rain hits hard on a tent
I went camping a few weeks ago and although my foot hitting the soggy ground as I disembarked the tent wasn't all that pleasant, snuggling under the duvet listening to the rain hitting the tent shell was pretty perfect. 

3. A cup of tea to wash down fish 'n' chips
I can't believe how satisfying this is! Fish 'n' chips with tomato ketchup, bread 'n' butter and a cup of tea, enough said!

4. Dusk, golden hour
My favourite time of the day, a time when I really feel like I come to life. I enjoy the pastel skies, particularly on a sunny day and the way  that wherever I am starts gearing up for the adventures of nighttime. In London I really enjoyed how workers would congregate outside with a beer or two. 

5. When a cat wants to snuggle
Forgive me, this just had to be included, cats do their own thing most of the time but when a furry friend really want a cuddle and they come to you directly, it makes you feel super loved. I haven't had a pet cat for many years now but it's something I look forward to in the future.

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