THE WEEK #32 2015

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This week has been one of those weeks where you're counting down to the weekend. I'm down in Haslemere near Guilford today for a beautiful summer wedding. I haven't been to an entire wedding ceremony in years and I have to say choosing a fascinator and pretty clutch bag has been exciting. 

The tiresome road trip was made worth it when we opened the door to a lovely, quaint hotel room. I always get excited about staying in hotels i'm not sure why but joining the other guests in the ambience of the wedding has been lovely. 

In other news, i'm so happy that The Great British Bakeoff is back! It took me a few seasons to get into it but once I did i've been hooked ever since, loving the cheeky puns and tent drama - who remembers Diana/Ian gate? This series I already think that Ugne will win, although word on the street is that the winners name has already been leaked online! 

Next week I am to begin packing up my flat which is bittersweet, on the one hand i'm pleased to be moving to a bigger space but I am also sad to be leaving my teeny tiny first place where i've spent many ups and downs over the last year. Everything from cockroaches to dodgy neighbours, i've had it all but it was home and the first place I lived by myself.

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